Friday, May 27, 2022

Friday Photos

Sometimes I wonder if my posts of photos from the area are boring since there are so many of them. I never tire of the sea but I am sure others do.   So, I've been thinking of other photos to take... just nothing much interests me.  Well, we will see.  

Whatever it is, the seaside is never boring really.   It changes every day and all day long.  The water likes to reflect back the sky.
But you can imagine poetry and stories in photos too and make up whatever you want to see in them.

  "Sunset is the opening music of the night". -- Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Throw out the life line across the dark wave;    There is a brother whom someone should save;  Somebody's brother! O who then will dare  To throw out the life line, his peril to share?" 

A neighbor speeding to work

The legal part.....

Across the street has a different meaning depending on where your house is

“Look, do you see that poem?' she said suddenly, pointing.”― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea

“When twilight drops her curtain down And pins it with a star Remember that you have a friend     Though she may wander far.”― L.M. Montgomery

Thank you for stopping by and please do come again.


  1. Lovely vibrant sky. Yes, indeed. A picture can illicit poetic sensibilities just as a poem can paint a picture. :)

  2. What fabulous photos! And I may get out my Anne movies to watch this weekend. I could use some sweet entertainment!

  3. Your area posts are NEVER boring !!! How could they be...when so lovingly captured ???That last quote of Twilight's curtain pinned with a star is so dear...thank you !!
    Have a splendid day and , please , keep posting your photos !

  4. I live inland (New York State), so anything connected with the sea is welcome. Enjoyed all of your pictures.

  5. I never tire or your seaside photos. I don't get to visit the ocean very often, so it's always a treat!

  6. You live in a gorgeous area. Why not share it with the rest of us? We may never get to visit there, but we have a better understanding of you and where you live because of what you share. I love your pictures and the quotes are great too! I have to share pictures of my Still Waters Pond all the time, but again, it's where I live and to me it is beautiful. We love the same kinds of things, it's just in different places!

  7. I would think living by the sea would never be boring - always changing - always something to see. And those sunrises & sunsets! Stunning. Stay safe, enjoy your weekend. I am visiting you from Skywatch Friday. It was lovely to meet you.


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