Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Hi and welcome! Here it is Tuesday again already and time for Tuesday 4.
Hi! Welcome to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4.  Toni has moved on to higher ground  but we keep her memory alive.
Let's consider time....

1. When you say "in a couple of days" what time period are you thinking?  Is your time exact or fluid?       My time is usually very fluid.     Being disabled makes keeping a schedule difficult.   I am often late or slow in getting things done and no, starting earlier is not a solution.   I need to get things done or get myself ready when I have a bit of pain free time to do so and that's not always possible.  Sometimes it just hurts too much to get some things done.

2.Does time get away from you? How do you handle time?    Time gets away from me all the time for much the same reason as the above.  I begin getting ready to go out and have to sit down for a few to recoup.  By the time I am finally ready I am worn out. LOL, you can't win.  What you can do is make the best of things and laugh at situations as much as you can.

3. People say time is short.   Then why do you do so many things you don't like and so few of the things you do like?

I think that many mandatory things in life are just not things we really want to do and many of the things we'd like to do require money we don't have or time we can't afford.    We really have created a society with red tape all over the place.

4. Do you have enough time to do the things you want to do or live as you would like to live?         No but I sure wish I did.  Pain robs you of time and opportunity. It means you miss out on many things because they happen at bad times.    Disability often prevents you from living as you would really like to live.   What you learn though is to roll with punches and make do and learn to enjoy things that are possible rather than whining about what is not possible.

I have posted this little video before because it really is my life in a nutshell.  It makes me laugh so hard!  I hope you get a good chuckle from it too!


  1. Love the video. lol I'm so sorry you have so much pain. I hope today will be a good day,

  2. Red tape and mandatory...Yes, so many things are really just time stealers.

  3. Oh dear, poor Ormie the pig. That is so funny but also so frustrating. Yikes...whoever put those cookies up there on top of that refrigerator in the first place? I think I'd just go bake some more cookies. LOL. I am sorry for the pain and issues you have to deal with on a daily basis. I know from my own experiences with pain in my neck, back, and shoulder that it can be extremely debilitating. So we learn to adapt and try to make things easier for ourselves as much as possible, but not everything is possible. Thank you for what you do each week to make the Tuesday 4 happen. I know Toni would be so pleased.

  4. Oh that video brought a smile, sorry for the pain you deal with, I am right there with you sister. Thank you for hosting this fun blog hop.

  5. Oh my goodness...I laughed and laughed! How often I've asked my tall hubby to reach something for me! I liked the stack of boxes...oh and the end when he finally has one right there in his hand! How funny! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Ooohhh , poor Ormie !!! and yet , he never stopped trying !
    You , my dear , keep going , as well...with the blog , your courses , your prayers and concern for each of us and all the things you do . You are a dear and precious friend , who is in our daily prayers , as well !!!
    Wishing you joy...

  7. Hi Annie, it is lovely to see you carry on Toni's meme. I am back to blogging. I hope I keep it up!! Much love xo

  8. I enjoyed your answers...thank you for giving perspective into life with Chronic pain. Sending hugs. That video was hilarious!!!


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