Monday, May 30, 2022

Memorial Day 2022

I will not wish you a happy Memorial Day since it is not a happy day at all but a day of remembrance for those gone on ahead having given
their lives in service to the nation.
I will wish that we never have to lose another life in war.     There is no peace and as long as hearts are hard  and turned against God there will be wars.     But the wish is still in our hearts. 
I over heard an argument the other day in which someone wished that we would just stay out of war completely.  The other person was very angry and shouted at the first women saying, "Now what if everyone felt that way? Who'd fight for stuff?"
She had no clue what she had just said.   Yes, lady, imagine if they gave wars and no one showed up.
Treasure your memories and those you love.   Increase the circle of love to include more and more people all the time.   


  1. Your comment really hit home. We do wish others "Happy" this and that and it's usually just a habit - something we say. I've never lost a family member (that I know of) to war and I'm thankful. But I cry for those who have. I cry for those who did survive but came home maimed in body and mind. The boy who gave me my first kiss was killed in Vietnam. I was able to find his name on the traveling Vietnam Wall some years ago. I too wish that if someone called to start a war, that no one showed up.

  2. I’m so thankful for each one who have served and fought for our freedom. May I never take it for granted.

  3. I am so glad that so much attention is being placed on those who have served our nation in the military and for those who lost their lives. We had gotten away from honoring them and I really love the Tunnels to Towers org. that is building homes for the families of first responders, those who never came back and those who were so terribly maimed during their service. I pray we never take them for granted. Have a blessed day!

  4. Our church had a moment of prayer for those who died. Our pastor reminded all why we celebrate. All my grands were in church instead of Sunday School, so they got to hear that message. It was a very happy day today for me because all my kids and grands were together today.

  5. May that time come soon , that we no longer have to "fight for stuff" , but we finally make the choice to do the right things , for the right reasons !


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