Saturday, May 21, 2022

River of No Retun

Howdy partners and welcome to my blog, 

Weather along the NJ seashore is expected to be hot on Saturday, perfect for the beach. For one day it will be in the 90's they say. 

I am joining in for Saturday 9 which is always a lot of fun.  Thank you Sam!

Saturday 9 comes to us from Sam.   Join in here.   It's fun!

Saturday 9: River of No Return (1954)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune?      Hear it here. 
Marilyn had a pretty little voice.
1) Marilyn Monroe performed this song in the 1954 western, River of No Return. In the movie (and at the beginning of this clip) she wears jeans. The wardrobe mistress bought the jeans off the rack at JC Penney's. Yet because of their connection to Marilyn, they are valuable memorabilia. Designer Tommy Hilfiger bought them for a reported $75,000 and today they hang in the closet of Britney Spears. Do you ever shop at thrift stores or websites for second-hand or vintage clothes?  
I bought my  little girl a brand new very expensive name brand coat at Deseret Industries once for 75cents. It had never been worn and had the tags on it.    Over all I do not like to use other people's things if I can help it.


2) In this song, she sounds melancholy as she recalls a lover who has gone. We hope this morning you're feeling more chipper than Marilyn. In one word, describe your mood.
It is night here and I feel ok in spite of some sciatica pain.    I am hopeful for the future in spite of all the ugliness in government and the explosion of mental problems around the nation.    Be kind to one
another everyone... it will bring blessings. 

3) In real life, Marilyn's love life was sailing along. During the filming of this movie, her famous boyfriend, Joe DiMaggio, visited her on location in Canada and they were married by the time the movie was released. Joltin' Joe was of course one of baseball's greats. How is your baseball team doing this season?
Talking about baseball reminds me of my friend Toni and my mother, both of them hard core Yankee fans.   I, on the other hand, and not a fan.  I do like attending games though for the company and fun.

4) It was during her romance with Joe that Marilyn learned to cook. She enjoyed preparing Thanksgiving stuffing from scratch. Do you have a favorite recipe to share? 

I make stuffing from an old TV Guide recipe.. it uses lots of celery, onion, sage, Banquet breakfast beef sausage,bread and turkey broth.  It is a  huge hit with everyone.     I also had a meatloaf recipe from the same source. It was made up by Jackie Kennedy's White House chef and it was spectacular.  I  no longer have the recipe but it was  ground beef, heavy cream, very finely chopped onion, Italian flavored bread crumbs, eggs and Lowry's Seasoned salt.      The topping was tomato sauce.  Let me assure you if you can work this out you will love it!

I found so many wonderful recipes in TV Guide.. Greek Spinach pie, Almond Chicken (torn up chicken, toasted almonds, tons of butter and sour cream served over noodles or rice.. Oh be still my heart.)    Here is a recipe for Wellesley Fudge Cake which, I believe, is one of the finest cake recipes ever.     Make sure it is two layers or you will be sorry!!


5)  Over her lifetime, Marilyn had 43 different addresses. She was always a renter until February 1962, when she bought her final home in Brentwood. If you're a renter, do you ever wish you
owned? If you're an owner, do you ever think you'd be happier as a renter?

I rented for a long time but I prefer owning a home,
The photo is one of my first apartments in Murray, Utah on Little Cottonwood Creek after I was married. It was a wonderful place to live. You can click on it to see it larger if you like.

 6) Marilyn tended to her famous alabaster complexion with Nivea, which is still available at drugstores today.   What's the last thing you purchased at a drugstore?   Was it medication?   Food or snacks?   Health and beauty? Something else?   I purchased some drug store items.. 

7) Her signature scent was Chanel No. 5. What fragrance do you wear most often?  Yves St. Laurent's Paris or Red Door by Elizabeth Arden or  I used to wear Arpege by Lavin as well.  Before he died my husband bought me Shalimar perfume for huge $$.. my grand daughter spilled most of it.. Oy. I always loved Shalimar.

8) The year Marilyn's recording was released, John Travolta was born. What's your favorite John Travolta movie?   I think he was wonderful in the movie  Hairspray.  

9) Random question: What happened to your first car? (Sold? Traded in? Still in your garage?)   

 I was in a bad accident.. I was hit by a senior citizen broadside at an intersection. The car was totaled and I mean nothing left of it  and I was nearly totaled myself.  I have never personally owned a car since. I drove my husbands old AMX and our Ford Pick Up to take my son to school and take care of the horses. We kept the horses on 675 acres,
Why Ford you ask? Cuz my uncle was vice president of Ford Truck manufacturing.  Now I would like a Ford F150. Sigh....


  1. That meatloaf recipe sounds very similar to the one I use from an old Betty Crocker cookbook, except mine uses milk instead of heavy cream. My mind is now wondering how that would be.

    1. I've used milk and its good but the cream gives a slightly richer taste.

  2. Hi Annie! Great blog post, very fun! Guess what? I am giving my blog another try. Lots to update. ;) Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xo

  3. That meatloaf recipe sounds a lot like my mom's which she got out of a Betty Crocker cookbook (that she still has). I don't mind others hand me downs. I know some folks think of bad juju etc. I hope you had a beautiful day friend.

  4. Your recipes sound delicious, although I rarely have heavy cream on hand. I would have to convince myself that it really needed that to make it good. LOL. Your apartment in UT looks lovely, right on that river. I've never been to Utah. I haven't bought any used clothing items in a long time, but I'm not opposed to it if they are really nice items like for a fancy dress that I couldn't afford otherwise if I needed it for something special. Marilyn was a beautiful woman. It's too sad her life ended so tragically.

    1. I've used milk when I had no cream but the original was cream. It really is delicious.

  5. I do love meatloaf. I need to try that.
    I really love how the creek runs by your old apartment. So pretty.
    Very cool that your Uncle was Vice President of Ford Trucking! Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

  6. I listened to Marilyn's dear !
    Your meatloaf is stellar !... as is all your cooking...always delighted to be a guest at your table !
    The thrift shopping was a Godsend , when money was tight and we needed to be clothed . Thankfully , those shops were supplied by wealthy donors , so the quality was good . Quick story : when my son was4 years old , his wish for a winter jacket was VERY specific - black and puffy , with yellow and red on it !!!
    Knowing this would require divine intervention to satisfy such a heartfelt wish , we prayed about it . The trip to the thrift store brought me to the rack with puffy jackets...jammed into the assortment was a black one...his size,,,untangling the sleeves revealed a chevron on each sleeve...stripes of yellow and red !!! This still brings tears to my eyes , in gratitude for the blessing and faith-building of my little boy...who never doubted that it would be so !!!


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