Monday, May 16, 2022

Tuesday Already

Hi. It's Tuesday so I am doing the Tuesday 4

 Welcome  to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4 and thank you so much for joining in!  

Let's do a variety of questions this week, okay?

1. Did you have a favorite cartoon program or character as a young person, or even today?

I liked Bugs Bunny and Looney Tunes best. I also like Sponge Bob and I never missed Batman that came on around 3:30 in the afternoon. It was really a very good series.

2.  Can you whole heartedly give people a second chance or  do you find yourself still worried about trusting them?   

I have but it depends on the situation I think. One has to look at individual cases but over all I think most would have a bit of a question about trust after a betrayal. 

3.  Are there things/activities you'd like to add to your life or do you feel you do enough to do, ,going on etc. to keep you satisfied?

I have added  some courses on Biblical literature.  I would like to add some more time getting out and about and some travel to my life as well.

4.  Can you live without your phone, TV, social media? 

  It is difficult to live without a phone in a society where we use them for help and contact.  I don't place games or social media on my phone.      I see no good that comes of it and I can see how it harm's people.    I can do without TV and  except for friends I have made on the internet through Twitter and Facebook, I could do without it too.

Weather here on the east coast has been stormy but temperatures are inching up into the high 70s the past couple of days.  Today was a bit rainy/cloudy but warm.  
As we head toward Memorial Day and the official opening of the Jersey Shore, temperatures should be warm and lovely for vacationers.

Are you enjoying Tuesday 4?  I could really use some feedback about the questions, etc.  Are they okay or are they boring , too hard, not hard or interesting enough?  I want to keep it fun and enjoyable as well as useful to people.   
Thanks for joining in.  


  1. Some of the people I know use social media as their personal validation and share way too much to too many people. I don't get it.
    BTW I really do like the Tuesday 4 questions

  2. I enjoy reading and participating in Tuesday 4. I love finding out what other people think about the questions and see how we're the same and how we're different.

  3. I thoroughly enjoy your blog ! Your headers are lovely and the content (yes , including Tuesday 4 !) is interesting , thought provoking and welcoming of responses !!!
    I do agree with your answer to #4 . Someone explained that we are like onions , in that we can choose which layers we allow access to . After a betrayal , we may forgive a person , but they are not allowed access to our "inner layers" . That does not mean that we are rude...just cautious and self-protective .
    If you know that a snake is venomous , you do not pick it up !!!
    Despite the loads of chartreus pollen flying about , the day here is quite warm , with beautiful blue skies and puffy clouds . Wishing you joy !

  4. I appreciate you doing the Tuesday 4 questions, even when I may not always participate. I enjoy reading what others share, and I like that it is only 4 questions so it isn't too long. If I can come up with some more ideas, I will let you know. I appreciate your answers today. And I am thankful for social media mainly because without it we could never have met...and I also hope we can meet someday in person! Thank you for your comments on my post today. I hope you have a pleasant and enjoyable rest of your week.

  5. I love all your answers and so appreciate you doing the Tuesday4 questions. Our youngest son Nick is struggling with his health but he does have an excellent specialist following him. He will be 29 in August. Prayer is so greatly welcomed for him. I was thinking I could live without social media and as I thoguht on it. someone tried to hack into my laptop. Maybe God sent me a sign although I do not spend the time on it as I did when I had to work. Fortunately our oldest son Jeremy had us stop by and he took care of everything. He said when I shut off my laptip he thinks whoever was trying to give me a virus went away. Grateful to God for such a small blessing. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Thank you again for hosting.


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