Wednesday, July 6, 2022

In The Kitchen

Weeks are surging along like a flood, aren't they?  When we finally enter July its almost Thanksgiving time really.  Autumn is not far away and I know so many will be happy to see cooler temperatures prevail.   We are having very nice weather with frequent rain storms.
So I thought I would post my menu for this week.    It can be hard to plan menus and I would love it if we could share menus with one another to get new ideas.  Would you consider doing something like this once in a while?
I began with Monday just past and take it through until this coming Sunday.

In my Kitchen This week

My Kitchen

Monday night:  Fried Cod fish, Sautéed broccoli and cauliflower

Tuesday night: Macaroni with home made meat sauce, sautéed spinach with garlic.

Wednesday:   Meatloaf and  parsley potatoes

Thursday:   Salmon croquettes and salad.

Friday: Hamburgers with Lettuce and tomato and home fried potatoes

Saturday : Beef stew 

Sunday.  Fried chicken and baked potato. with sour cream. sting beans.

I hope you can stay cool and if you need rain, I sure hope you get it.


  1. Yummy...I'll be right up, LOLOL. Have a beautiful day my friend. smiles

  2. I love your cozy kitchen . It looks warm and welcoming. And your menu sounds delicious and delightful. I will be right up with Linda (see above). Hey, Linda, we could travel together from Florida! Wouldn't THAT be a hoot??? Have a blessed and beautiful day!

  3. These all sound soooo good!!!

  4. OOHHH , yum !!!
    You make the best meals !!!
    Yesterday , I made almond banana pancakes with turkey bacon for breakfast and a huge veggie salad for dinner . The day before I made corn fritters (from fresh corn !) . For me , summer food seems to fill the this ripe peach most favorite fruit ...sooo good !!!
    Have a splendid day !


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