Monday, July 4, 2022

Meme: July 4th

I hope you had a nice July 4th.  Mine was very disappointing all around but, I celebrated anyway.

Happy Fourth of July and welcome once again to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4!     

Let's talk about Independence Day.

1. In previous times every family read the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights on July 4 to keep in mind the huge price paid by a minority of patriots  for freedom and liberty.    What do you think about this tradition?  I hope you will institute it and value it.  It is so important.  

I read it each year.   Most Americans have no clue what it or the Constitution say and really don't care.     During those Revolutionary times those who didn't care moved to Canada.

2. Fresh made lemonade was a huge deal in the Midwest when Laura Ingalls Wilder was a young girl. It was a very special treat.    Every family brought a dish to the town celebration.     What foods and drinks will you have on this important day?

   I made myself some fish and sautéed broccoli, riced cauliflower. It was so good!

No one made any plans with me but left it till the last minute as always and I am tired of that.    I am the one who for years got things going and when I don't no one else does anything at all.    Also, I feel like I am a charity case having to ask people to get together.    I was just sick of it this year.    Turns out most had other plans with other relatives.  I suppose if I don't contact people I will be left out.  

I would love to have some iced tea though.. I should make some ice.  Today was not too hot at all and nights are very cool. Perfect!


3. Will you be watching fireworks.. a great American tradition on this day?  They are deeply rooted in the American tradition .

I hear them... but I won't be seeing any this year.  

4.  Will your flag be out?   Do you own one?   I own one but I am physically unable to put it out. 

 Quick 4th fact: Did you know that the term Commander in Chief cannot be used except in times of Congressionally declared war? A president has no authority over the military until then.   He is not the Commander in Chief until was is formally declared.  It hasn't been since WW2.    Most of our presidents after Kennedy have been Doofuses in Chief however.   Can you tell I am sick and tired and fed up with criminal politicians of both parties?     

New Jersey seashore July 4 2022...


  1. I love this header and , seriously ! , want to live there !!! It is a friendly , warm and welcoming cottage ! You have painted the warm yellow light spilling out on that lush green lawn...lovely summer breeze...aaahhh...
    I , too , was alone yesterday...for the first time in years . Not wanting to be a burden to others , the usual procedure is to wait for the call of invitation . It never came . I will have to take the initiative to plan and invite next time .
    Thank you for your timely , interesting posts...they are of great value to me !
    Oh , by the way , that final photo is spectacular !!!

    1. Keegie, this is the salt marsh back of my house on the east side... you don't want to live there LOL.

    2. Nooo , not the marsh ! The sweet waterside cottage !!! Wrong header !

  2. It is hard when family leaves you out of events. I have been there before. We do not go anywhere for the 4th since we got our dog. Meisha gets so scared.
    Maybe it was you that I heard about reading the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights on the 4th. It is such a great time to remember those documents. Loved your answers! Have a nice week.

  3. I am sorry you didn't have any one to celebrate with. I understand your feelings, however. I am the one who plans family get togethers and if I don't, it doesn't happen. It is very tiring for me to clean the house, cook the food, clean up again...but others do pitch in and help as they are able. Sometimes I have to physically put dish towels in their hands, however. LOL. But we ended up having a lovely day yesterday, with a couple of extras I wasn't expecting, and they were a blessing! It was worth all the effort, but I'm still paying for it today...exhausted. It was SO hot and I think I got dehydrated while we were outside waiting for the ice cream to get finished. Anyway, I am sorry it was a blah day for you. I pray your family will learn to think about these things...but I've learned that they don't unless we express our thoughts to them in a loving way...(not when we are feeling down or upset, but on a good day.) (((hugs)))

  4. Hi Annie, I am sorry you did not get to enjoy the 4th. I do understand though. When the grands were little, they loved coming over and getting in the spa or inflatable pool. But now the kids go with their friends who have pools. Then we have a needy dog to take care of. Everyone knows I am trying to stay well until my trip, and they have not come over. I think I will suggest something for next year and if there are other plans, I will go with my sister and relax. Our whole family is getting together in a couple of weeks, and I am looking forward to that!

  5. I'm sorry you didn't do anything on the 4th...I sometimes feel the same way (not so much with family, but with friends), that if I don't do the planning or inviting, it doesn't happen, or my hubby and I don't always get invited to things..such a weird spot to be in sometimes.


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