Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Aware is Prepared

Hello friends!    It is a beautiful 66F and sunny again today.   
coronal mass hitting earth

I'd like to inform you that Solar storms are coming next few days.. get ready for headaches, joint pains, achy body, nerves, etc.  
Be aware that Cardiac problems, autoimmune diseases, emotional/psychiatric, seizures and migraine are all heightened during mass coronal ejections and solar storms so take precautions.
If you have joint or deep tissues problems you may notice them feeling worse.  You may just feel under the weather without knowing why.  You might be more emotional than usual.   All of this is the effect of mass coronal ejections and what we call solar storms.
There can be regional electric disruptions, slow internet, 
People may be irritable and unreasonable more than usual, but this too shall pass.
In the meantime, hold onto your hats and take it easy!



  1. Great information...I wondered why I was having so much pain! Love your blog, although I don't comment much, I always read ;0) Have a wonderful rest of your week!

    1. Hi Barb, so nice to meet you and so nice to know you read. Now that I found your blog, I will visit you as well.

  2. Mr D and I both have health issues, but so far so good. Thanks for the info, I really didn't know that solar storms could effect us so much.


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