Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Wednesday Haiku

I t's been a while since I have done some Haiku but now that the weather has turned cool and breezy, haiku is back on my mind. It is also Haiku day, one of my favorite things.

Haiku presents a story or illustration of scenes, philosophy, etc. in a few words.    In the poem "Evocative" for example,  aren't people temples?    Imagine a person creaking and stiff as they tumble into bed after a long, hard day  "the evening grows late."
Gates and people  who've worked hard  sometimes creak at their hinges!


Closing the temple's massive double gate,
Its hinges creak: the evening grows late.

          The Wreck

Here, in a puddle, recent rain has sunk
This upturned leaf: a beetle's yellow junk*.

*a junk is an oriental boat.



Before this perfect white inviolate
--the scissors

   At Daybreak

Against a chilly sky,
washed in grey with dawn,
A single pine tree
 on the peak is drawn.

Note the beauty of the thought in "Sacrilege"... hesitation in cutting a glorious white Chrysanthemum flower.
Just a few words can create feeling and sensation in a person.

I hope you enjoy Japanese Haiku as much as I enjoy presenting it.

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  1. Hi Annie~ I have heard of, Haiku, but I really didn't understand what it meant. What a beautiful way to describe everyday things that we see and experience! I especially like, "sacrilege" I sometimes feel that way when I cut a beautiful flower to put in an arrangement...but it gives me such joy to see it in a vase. I used to have a cologne that was called, I understand it's name! Beautiful post!!


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