Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Holiday Time

Happy Tuesday friends!   
Gale Warning
Here on the seashore we are under a gale watch.   A gale is a tropical cyclone bringing sustained winds, rough high seas and rain. The watch begins tomorrow night.

 I hope you are enjoying Tuesday 4 and as I have said before please feel free to offer ideas for subjects, themes, questions.  I would be very happy if you did.  It isn't easy to come up with good questions each week.    

1.   The 7th is Pearl Harbor Day when a terrible sneak attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii destroyed many ships in the American fleet and convinced Congress to declare war.    

President Roosevelt said,  "Yesterday, December 7, 1941—a date which will live in infamy—the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan."    Yes, it should be infamous forever.    How do you honor the memory of the men who died in this cowardly attack? Do you put out your flag on that day to remember the service men killed ?

I always did put out the flag and I might again this year the problem is that since I've been a widow its impossible for me to put it out and take it in again without help and help can be hard to come by since everyone is busy. But, it is a day that should be remembered and the men who perished should never be forgotten.

2.  Many people begin baking, buying gifts, decorating for the upcoming holidays of Chanukah and Christmas.    Do you bake or buy?  What cookies and cakes are your favorite this time of year?  Got a recipe to share?

I am going to ask the girls to come for a bake day this year.  My favorite cookies are Russian tea cakes or "butter balls", and Snickerdoodles!   I am also a huge fan of real Gingerbread.    I love  German Black Forest cake for Christmas and I like Plum Pudding also.  German food is a passion with me.

3.   December 15 is Bill of Rights day. The 18th begins Chanukah the Festival of Lights during which the light was rekindled in the desecrated temple in Jerusalem.  The temple was cleansed and the light reentered it.  The 21st is the Winter Solstice or first day of winter.    What traditions, days, etc. have meaning for you in December?   How about advent.. does it hold meaning for you?

 I love the holiday season that begins in October and ends in January.  I like all of the festive, happy decorations and I love the happy people who enjoy the season as well. 

4.  Christmas music is being played in stores during these December days.  Does it play in your home? How excited are you for the upcoming holidays?

I love the holidays that begin with Halloween and continue on through January.   They are times of love, family, tradition and religion which is so important in life.    I listen to radio and songs of the season are often on and I do enjoy them.     I am always excited for the Autumn and Winter months!!

Thanks for joining in friends.  I hope you will come visit my blog often. It's not the most exciting blog there is but I enjoy your comments more than you know.  

Winter Blessings


  1. I remember making snickerdoodles in Home Economics Class in school.

  2. I share with you the important things of life, times of love, family, tradition and faith in God.

  3. My flag will be hung out on the 7th. It is such and important day in history, it should never be forgotten. My father was in WWII and this is one of the many ways I honor him. I have been listening to Christmas music all week ;0) I'm trying to stay away from sweets this year, but I'm sure my daughters and I will be making something yummy!

  4. Wonderful post. I am sorry I didn't enter in this time...just couldn't get with the program and had other things to talk about today. But I enjoyed yours. Yes, our flag will be out as it is out every day. Maybe you need to ask for a more reachable flag pole holder that you can manage on your own. Ours is fastened to the front deck and it is a small pole/flag that we can manage, so we put it out every day. We are proud to display our flag in honor of those who have given so much for our country throughout all the years. Your cookies and other items all sound wonderful. I will do some baking as we get closer to Christmas, and if he has time, our son Scott will bake some of his specialties as well. He carries on the family tradition of baking the Sand Tart cookies that were my paternal grandmother's recipe. We all look forward to that and it is his gift to the family. I do enjoy listening to Christmas music. I am also practicing for our church choir Christmas Cantata. Thank you again for doing this each week. I'll try to do better next week.

  5. Hi Annie! I love all of the holidays too. They are so much fun. I want to do some more things with Josh this year. He is grown, but he still loves to do things together.
    Whatever you are able to do to remember Pearl Harbor is good. It doesn't have to be putting your flag out. Just bringing attention here at the meme is helpful too. :) Loved your answers! Have a nice week!



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