Monday, January 30, 2023

What, Where How?

Hello... welcome. Time for Tuesday 4...are you joining in? 

 Hey, it's time for Tuesday 4 and I am so happy to see you back again.    

Let's ask ourselves some questions.

1. What was the worst date you ever went on?

I had several and each was a blind date as a favor to a friend whose boyfriend's friend couldn't get a date.  That's a huge red flag. If a guy can't get a date stay away from him. There is  probably a good reason!

2. How was the nicest date you ever had?

Well it wasn't with a guy.  It was with my daughter.. a trip to the city for the opera, a play and ab upgraded stay in a gorgeous suite at the Plaza Hotel.   Dates with boys were rarely anything big or memorable but they were fun and it was nice to be with them. We did simple things and generally had a nice time.

3. Where did you grow up and how did you like it? Are you far away from there now?

I grew up right outside New York City and close to the port of Elizabeth NJ, one of the busiest ports in the USA.      Yes, I liked it very much.   It was a small town and very nice.   I live 63 miles south of that little town now.   Of all kinds of living I like small towns the best.

4.  What did kids do for fun and dates when you were young?     There were movies, hamburger joints, CYO dances, ice skating, sledding.  In summer there was the shore and lakes and the mountains.  Going into NYC to mess around was cool as well. 


  1. Growing up in a small town but very near the big city with all kinds of amenities I think is the best. The small town I grew up in was way too far from any large city center.

  2. Sounds like you had some interesting places to go for dates. Where I grew up there was only the drive in theater or other theaters in nearby towns, school dances after the football games, and parking in an orange grove. LOL. Not many options. Oh, yes, there were lakes for water skiing, etc., if someone had a fast boat. We really didn't have any cool places to "hang out"...there was one, but I wasn't allowed to go there. Such is life. I'm glad I'm an adult now and don't have to think about that anymore!

  3. I enjoyed your answers. How nice to have been able to go into NYC to have some fun.

  4. NYC for a date sounds fun, but also scary for me being from the country.
    I love the date with your daughter. That sounds like so much fun. Loved your answers! Have a nice week! ♥

  5. I can understand why that lovely date with your daughter was so special. Dating for me back in the 60's it seemed no one had much money so things were quite simple indeed. That is a lovely way to explain it!

  6. Hi Annie~ I had a few horrible dates as well, all blind dates. I was raised in a beautiful small city of Idaho's not so small now. It was a fun place to live and very safe. I only live about 10 miles from where I lived, and it's a lovely place as well. I think you must have had a wonderful childhood by the beach! Barb

  7. A weekend in New York with your daughter sounds wonderful. I love to go places with my girls. I also prefer smaller towns, we're not as small as we once were. Makes me sad. I was born in Houston but traveled a lot growing up. Today I'm about 35 miles from there.


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