Tuesday, February 7, 2023

The Age of Internet

y furnace went out in some of the coldest weather this winter and I was just frozen. It isn't my first rodeo but it gets old in a hurry when you have spainal stenosis triggered very much by icy cold temperatures.    I pondered calling the HVAC guy,     Instead I hauled out the manual for the monster and fixed it myself.    Works right as rain now.
Wind continues here along the coast making the wind chill, well, chilly.     

 Welcome weather weary friends to another episode of Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4 where we challenge you to answer 4 questions on different subjects each week.

Maybe we could talk about the internet this week?  

It's all I could come up with as my mind is on hiatus right now.

1. When did the  home internet age enter your life? How much impact has it had?

Internet came to our home in about 1995 or so but I had worked on computers for many years prior to that.   I had already done a bit of typesetting on computer and also did data entry for Snapple a long way back.

2. How powerful an influence if your phone?  For instance, do you feel guilty not answering when you are busy? Do you text back immediately? Does the phone own you? Do you friends feel they should be able to monopolize your time by demanding to know where you were when you didn't answer?  Is it intrusive or welcome?

I refuse to let my phone control me.  I've been in cars with people who just cannot control themselves when a call or text come through.  It's like a mental illness with them.   Then there are the ones who answer phones during dinner out or visiting your home.  It's rude in the extreme and so narcissistic to think you are that important.    I hate talking on the phone no matter what but with the radiation from cell phones I want that thing as far from me as possible and I won't carry it around with me.   Cell phones have become a burden.

I am in no hurry to answer texts either.  The entitlement of people today is out of the ball park.  "Where were you? Why didn't you answer your phone?"   "I left a message and you didn't answer it for an hour!"      Sorry my friend but you do not own my time.    During the day I use the bathroom, take a shower, cook, clean, go outside and I do not have to call you to tell you that beforehand.   If I can't get to the phone, that's just how it is.     I   resent how people feel that they are owed so much on phones and computers.   This was not the case before cell phones and internet.  Not at all.  It is now.   Fast service.. fast food, quick calls, texts, instant information have made people entitled.   

3. What places do you frequent on the net and by phone or PC etc.?  (pc.. personal computer , laptop, etc.)    I play June's Journey on Facebook.    

I might check my email once a year or so but I rarely use it and I really don't get any mail from anyone so why bother?

 I check into Twitter for some news and a few newsy sites as well.  I follow Dutchsinse for earthquake  information etc. and  sites that follow the horror that is  Bayou Corne and Fukashima.

Yes, I am concerned with the environment. God said to dress and keep the world, not abuse and destroy it.   

4.   Wikipedia is editable and biased  because anyone can edit the articles. Algorithms also determine what you can and cannot find on the interest.     So, how much stock do you place in it's information? 

It can be somewhat useful but you have to dig to really find the truth and that can take time.    It's sad to see things disappearing from the net based on which of the  two ridiculous political parties in this nation are in charge.   


  1. Sorry you were freezing. Fixing it is a big accomplishment!

  2. Thank you for this post/meme today. Without the internet we would not even know each other or have this opportunity to communicate daily, so that is a good thing. There are many "bad" things about current telecommunications, but I think we can appreciate the good and steer clear of the bad. Glad you were able to fix your furnace. Being cold is no fun. Take care and have a beautiful day today.

  3. So cool that you fixed your HVAC!

  4. Compliments for repairing your HVAC.
    In our case people treated us the same through the land line: demanding, telling us they has called and why we didn't answer. I had babies and they were my main responsibility. I couldn't be glued to the phone for hours.

    So glad you're not cold anymore!!

  5. Yes, yes, yes on your answer to #2. Lady, you are awesome, fixing your furnace, that's a WoW in my books. Good for you. Enjoyed reading your answers, hope you are having a very good day.

  6. So proud of you fixing your own furnace!!! Yes, there is just no privacy anymore with cell phones and computers! It drives me crazy that people can't just sit and talk face to face anymore....only by texting. Ugh!!


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