Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
 Welcome!  It's time again for Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4.

How would it be if we talk about some things related to home?

1. What styles of décor do you like?  Mid Century?  Colonial?  Contemporary?    
 I love them all!  I would need a huge home to accommodate them all!   I would say Traditional is my favorite as it is easy to live with.   

2.   What  makes your bedroom comfortable?  My bed is wonderfully comfortable and my comforter is warm and fluffy.  I have fluffy thick white rugs on the floor by the bed and dresser that are a treat for bare footsies too.

3   What do you think makes a home comfortable and welcoming?   
Warm scents, friendly furnishings, people happy to see you.  Warm lighting is important and it is important to have a bit of whimsy in a home as well.   
Children like homes that have lovely things to see in cabinets etc.   Inviting and friendly colors are important too.  We have all gone very neutral of late and I think there will be a swing back to more vibrant colors in the future.

4. Do you share your home with pets? Would you tell us about them please?
 I used to have cats and dogs but my final animal friend, Garfield, passed away at age 21 a few years ago.   It is difficult for me to have an animal and take proper care of it as I should.    I am alone so I really could use the company but, it would not be right.     I do have a pond full of lovely fish though!

Garfield at the screen door.  


  1. It was fun hearing about your home and decor preferences. I too like to have something warm and soft underfoot especially in cold months.

  2. Garfield is beautiful in that photo. I'm so sorry he's passed. I love your fish pond. Thanks for the fun questions again this week.

  3. I enjoyed reading your responses above. Garfield looks like he was a wonderful companion. I am sure you miss him, but I do understand your feelings about having a pet at this stage in life. We also do not feel like we can take care of one adequately but we enjoy our grandpuppies so much...and we can send them home with their parents to take care of them and pay all the vet and grooming bills, etc., which is one reason why we don't have any pets. We really can't afford them on a fixed income. Your home sounds warm and inviting, and I believe I would enjoy visiting with you there.

  4. I absolutely loved your answers. So very well thought out. I forgot to mention rugs in the bedroom! Absolutely steeping out in a warm plush rug is so important. But your answer to #3 was sublime. I agree with it all. I seemed to not be about to get into it. But reading your response gave me a warm fuzzy feeling! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share in such a fun post each week!

  5. I enjoyed your answers. I often try to just incorporate everything I like somehow. Oh, your bedroom sounds nice. I need a new comforter.


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