Thursday, March 30, 2023

Rome and Nature

It is another Friday and time for Friday Photos and Skywatch Friday.
This morning the temperature was 32F. Refreshing and lovely with bright sunshine.   I am going to miss the cold weather as spring and summer come around.    Spring has only brought sneezing for me.  Hopefully it brings good things for us all.

Now, in 46BCE, the final year of the pre-Julian calendar, Caesar ordered extra days added to the year and so we had a year of 445 days that year.    He had this done so the year could begin after the winter solstice and be a near constant 365 days.
Here someone colored Julius.. but his hair was more reddish/dirty blonde in real life and his eyes a dark blue (wine colored they called them).  Most of the Caesars were blondes and red heads. 

Now with that out of the way.... Here are some photos.    Just a few today as Blogger is acting up.

speaking of Caesar.. here is The Little at the Vatican in Rome

It is pleasant to watch the wild sea.—  Lucretius, 98-55 BC, Roman poet

"Nature... the mistress of art"...ancient Roman quotation


  1. Days might feel long or short but luckily the awesomeness of nature is timeless. :)

  2. Interesting information, and that "colored photo" of Caesar is amazing! Very interesting to see him that way. Certainly makes him look more "real" than just a statue! Yes, spring does bring a lot of sneezing and coughing, etc., but it also brings such beauty in the flowers and the birds and all of God's beautiful creation is bursting with new life. So I am thankful for spring, even with the sneezing. I would hate to be stuck in winter all year round....then what would become of summer and fall??? We need the all, and God knew that. I enjoyed your photos. such artistry in the skies. Only our Creator God can do that!

  3. Stunning photo of sunset! What an opportunity for the Little to visit the Vatican. Amazing. I hope spring treats you well and the sneezing isn't too bad. Have a blessed weekend.

  4. I can sit next to the ocean for hours and be happy (your photo reminds me of how much I like it).

  5. Nice opportunity for bloggers to understand about the calendar being changed and that Julius had blonde red hair. Statue versus what he really could have looked like. I could sit and look at that sky for quite a while.


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