Monday, May 29, 2023

Beddy Bye

Hello! Nice to see you back for another Tuesday 4 which was begun by Toni Taddeo and kept up in her memory.    It might be nice to talk about our homes and how we like our rooms to be ordered and used.  What about the bedroom.. a place of comfort and peace.

1. How do you make up your bedroom and bed... colors? blankets? Quilts? Bedspread? Comforter? Throws? Pillow? what goes into making your bed comfy for you?   

I have 4 pillows, sheet set, a cotton blanket and a very fluffy white comforter which will soon be taken off for the summer and replaced with a black and white toile quilt.   I want to find a pale baby green quilt though. I'm still using the big comforter because it's been down in the 40F's at night. Very chilly.

2. What is in your dresser? Is it organized or messy?

Right now its extremely messy as all the clothes are on the floor waiting to be washed.   I had to call the exterminator to get rid of mice. One made a nest in my dresser! How awful is that?  Now I have to clean like crazy and wash everything. But, in the long dresser I keep pajamas, my jeans, makeup, winter hats, scarves etc. .  One drawer holds makeup and nail polish.  Small center drawers hold hair accessories, caps, etc.

 The men's dresser has my Tee Shirts, underwear, bras.  Its usually very organized.  

3. What's in and on your night stand?  Each stand has 2 small drawers and one long drawer. I keep certain papers

 I have a jar of Vicks,  nail  oil, Systane eye drops, hand cream, stuff like that.

4. Do you read in bed or watch TV before going to sleep?    Since my spinal surgery it is very hard for me to sit up in bed. it just hurts too much so no, no reading in bed and I don't keep a TV in my bedroom.  I try to limit the amount of electricity in the bedroom which interfere with sleep and damage your health.


  1. I enjoyed reading your answers. I wish I were more organized like you. Sometimes I am and sometimes I'm not. lol

  2. Enjoyed reading your answers! Hope you find the pale baby green quilt, the color sounds so relaxing!

  3. I need to start with my cleaning of the house now that it is summer vacation. I hope you find a baby green quilt! That sounds pretty! Loved your answers! Have a nice day. ♥

  4. I get my best sleeping done when it's chilly -- provided, of course, there's a weighty blanket at the ready. Getting up and out of my 'nest' howeve, is a whole nother matter.

  5. Vicks is comfort medicine for me and I use Systane too for dry eyes. I remember we got mice in our previous house when we first moved in. The new building projects disturbed them. We had to set traps. We had pet hamsters when we were first married and one got out and into my dresser drawer. I just got a light quilt like spread at Walmart. Mine is grey and perfect for the summer. I hope you find what you want.

  6. I hope you find your green comfy quilt. Oh these pesky mice! Our son had one in their garage and that little dickens gave him a fit! My kitty is a lazy bones but when he sees an opportunity to take out a miller moth he would do it. He would work a mouse into a frenzy too! He is quite good at being very good at trapping those critters. We have had so much rain this May 2023. Those miller moths are everywhere. I love Vicks and we each have one on our nightstand. Your bedroom sounds wonderful . we take off a blanket as the hot weather settles in. But with all the rain it may be a few weeks before we can. Thank you for keeping up Tuesday4. I do enjoy being here. Have a blessed week.


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