Monday, November 20, 2023


Thursday is Thanksgiving Day, Wednesday is my daughter's birthday and Saturday is my birthday.

 Hello friends and welcome to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4.  

Thanksgiving Day is about here. Let's talk about the holiday and thankfulness.

1. Whether you are from the USA or not, thankfulness is beneficial to a nation and people.  Is it a natural thing for you to think of being thankful or is it something you must be reminded about?

I pray before and after meals. Now that I am a widow I do the praying out loud if I have guests but in my head if I am alone.  I am not shy about saying prayers out loud. 

2.  Plimoth Plantation is the site of the original settlement and everything is authentic to the 1600's including how they speak. Have you been to Plymouth Rock?   How about the Plimoth Plantation (yes that is the proper spelling). Would you like to go visit these places?     What places are you thankful for having seen?     

I would love to go to Plymouth, Mass to see the rock and Plimoth Plantation!! I am grateful for seeing the USA by driving across it.  Thankful for staying on Prince Edward Island a few times. Thankful for seeing the changing seasons and spending time in Miami with my mother in law,  thankful to have lived in Ohio, Utah, New Jersey.  So much to be thankful for. 

3. Do you tune into the Macy's Parade ?

If I remember I will.  My kids used to enjoy it and it is a tradition for them. I like the end when Santa appears.

4. What will you be eating on Thanksgiving Day this year?

 We will be eating out for the first time ever and it will be very traditional with free range turkey and lots of desserts.  I was looking at the menu online and its far fancier than we've ever done. with an 8 course meal.  Will we be able to talk after that?  Place your bets.


  1. Your Thanksgiving dinner plans sound wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Happy Upcoming Birthday along with your daughter and Thanksgiving! A busy week! I like the idea of going out to eat, especially if it is such a delicious sounding meal! I hope you will take a picture of it all!! I'm sure it will be wonderful, and no dishes to wash! LOL. Thank you for doing this for us each week. I am thankful for YOU!

  3. Yes, praying is so important! Your dinner sounds like it will be great! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  4. I always pray before meals and traveling.! Happy almost birthday, I have several close to Thanksgiving as well. We planned on eating out before daddy passed as he said it would be so much easier, now that he and mom are gone, we keep the tradition with my brother and his family. Happpy Thanksgiving

  5. I shared a little about our visit to Plymouth/Plimoth last year.

  6. Wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY (soon). An 8-course meal whistling, haven't done that since The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge all those years ago. Might want to wear stretchy pants? (lololol) just TEASING. GRIN.

  7. I pray out loud when I am alone. I feel like it helps me focus and keep praying for more people and things that I need to pray for.
    I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner! It sounds like it will be really nice. Loved your answers! Have a nice week. ♥

  8. Thank you for your weekly efforts to bring us beauty , kindness and wisdom !
    Bless you and yours !
    As my years advance , there is so much for which to be grateful...waking up to a new day , shelter/warmth/needs met/beauty in unexpected places / the blessing of family and precious friends /a dear , quirky cat who touches my heart and keeps me laughing...

  9. And... how was your dinner?

    Hav a nice weekend!


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