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Rainy November Day

Post first written in 2009

ts a rainy day today. 
In fact it was rainy yesterday and last night there were some gale winds. 

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The pond is over it's banks, the bay is wild and I went out for a walk. There is something comforting about being bundled up inside a warm coat and hat on a blustery, rainy day.
 Yes, inside a house is better, but, being outside makes you feel alive and appreciative of the house waiting for you on your return.

 I walked along the roads seeing gold light spill out of homes onto soppy lawns and imagined the people inside huddled at the breakfast table having hot, steaming cups of coffee and thinking how dumb it was to be out on a day like today. Lake Bayside(not a real lake, just the juncture of 2 roads that floods and we call it lake Bayside) was up to its imaginary banks and its eastern most side flowed into the very real creek that reaches out to Barnegat Bay on its short journey. How fast a tiny creek widens into a mighty course of water! That thought took me off on thoughts of how small incidents ( national or personal) quickly broaden into huge ones if damage control isn't quick in coming. 

I had no companion on my walk except for Gordon the Mallard who often walks alone now that his life long mate Gertie has passed on to duck heaven. Its kind of sad to see him wandering along without her. For a long time they were a constant couple and raised many little Gerties and Gordons. It was nice to have him join me for a block or two. We ambled along at a slow pace since Gordon likes to take time to smell the roses as it were. I think he stays so long into fall out of reluctance to leave places he holds dear, if indeed ducks can do that. But somehow, it must be so or he would have flown off south by now. I suspect this was his final walk around "his" property before he goes this year. It's nice to have someone to chat with, even if that someone is a duck. And his friendly nature and inquisitive eyes make him a jovial companion. His constancy and faithfulness are a lesson in keeping on keeping on. I was telling him how nice his green neck was when I spotted a lone daisy blooming by the side of the road! Yes, in November!!  A lovely Shasta Daisy!!   All alone also, like me, and Gordon, the daisy was just blooming like crazy.   No thought to the chilly air, no thought to approaching winter (they say snow on Thursday..  brrr

  That daisy was blooming itself silly!! And out of season.   I felt pretty good about that as I often "do myself silly" in some things.  
There is a lesson there too ….. don't let anything get you down for long, and keep blooming! 

So, the people with the steaming coffee mugs at the cozy kitchen tables thinking how dumb it is to be out on a day like this were wrong!     G-d provides a day's worth of lessons all around us if we just will keep our eyes open and look at all the possibilities. 

As we reached the lagoon by the marina, Gordon waddled down into it where a larger group was waiting and together they flew off for the south I suppose.   . I was happy to have escorted him part of the way on his journey.
 Another good day begins on the bay.
(this post was written in 2009.. when I was still able to take walks)
And yes, I know, my paragraphing is awful.  I just never learn....


  1. It is raining here right now. I love those flying seagulls. I had to make sure I read where they were not directly overhead ... just in case.

    God bless.

  2. I love this story. Who cares about the paragraphing...surely not me. You caught my imagination with Gordon. I can just see you walking along together. Thank you for sharing and helping me to "see" the story.

  3. How beautiful. So poetic. Thank you for sharing the walk. Blessings. 🩵


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