Sunday, March 3, 2024


I am late with this... but better late than never. It's been a very sunny semi not so cold day here today and finally I got help to take down the holiday décor! Whoopie!  
So now here is the late but so what Sunday Stealing.

1. What (if anything) are you doing to celebrate St Patrick's Day?
Perhaps make dinner for my family... no sure what they are doing that night,   If I do entertain, I will make corned beef and cabbage, colcannon and Irish whiskey lamb chops.
2. What is your least favorite color (to wear, to craft with or to decorate with)?
I love yellow but I don't look good in it.
3. At a yellow light - do you speed up or slow down??
slow down unless I am too close to the intersection.
4. How many pairs of scissors are in your craft room?
I don't have a craft room.  I have 7 pairs of scissors in the house.
5. What are the first three items you have 'saved for later' on Amazon?
A full wall wardrobe for my bedroom.
6. Did you plant any springs bulbs in your garden and if so, have any of them come up yet?
Nothing has come up that I can see.  I have some hyacinth, daffodils and the late summer blooming gladiolas.
7. What book, if any, are you reading right now?
I am not currently reading anything.
8. Do you prefer ball point pens, gel pens, or thin tip markers to write with?
Thin ball point pens.
9. What is your favorite crafting item - the craft item thing you use the most or can't live without? (Exclude basic items like scissors and glue).
I don't have one as I don't craft much anymore.  
10. What are the first 3 items on your grocery list and what is your favorite grocery store?
I have two favorites.. ShopRite is number one.   On my new list are  2 cartons of 18 eggs, Turmeric with curcumin,  ice berg lettuce, low sodium tuna.
11. What unfinished craft projects are you working on (or not:) at the moment?
I am not working on any crafts at all.
12. What was the last item you pinned on Pinterest? Or hearted on Instagram
My Pinterest is in the side bar on this blog.. you can see what I posted there.
13. What is the biggest tourist attraction where you live?
Atlantic City I would suppose.  New York City is close as is Philadelphia.
14. What color is your favorite sweater?
Navy blue.
15. How does your family react when you get a big pile of mail??
I don't think they react at all.

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  1. Shop Rite left the Albany, NY market recently, 5 stores closing, I believe.


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