Monday, May 20, 2024


So far, Spring has been cool, breezy and lovely. I am praying for summer to also be cool and breezy.
There has been a lot of rain as well and in most of the USA there seems to be feast or famine with rain and storms.  As long as there are no super storms or hurricanes I am happy.
Now on to Tuesday 4 for this week.    

Welcome back to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4.   Books are such a big part of many people's lives. Maybe we should talk about that.

1. Do you have some books in your home? If so what subjects are they? Which is your favorite?    I have tons of books in my library. The subjects are religion, history, biography, mystery, language, cooking.  I am replacing my collection of Agatha Christie since they were lost.  I do have a good collection of Robert Parker's Spenser books and his Jesse Stone series.   I also have some nice design books and a lovely coffee table size book on napkin folding which I like to use when entertaining.

2. Do you enjoy browsing around in bookstores ? Do you have a favorite you like to go to?   Yes, I do like it.  I like to go to Barnes and Nobles and when it was still in operation to Brentano's in New York City.  I was an absolutely huge book store.  I also like tiny book shops and have found some very nice books there. It's closed down now I think. 😥. T

3. Do you think real books are clutter or do you just love having them around you?  I like having them around. They aren't clutter to me.

4. What is the oldest book you've read and what is the newest book you've read or are reading.  The oldest were copies of books from ancient times like the Epic of Gilgamesh.

The newest is a book on Welsh history: The Blood of Avalon. The Secret History of the Grail Dynasty from King Arthur to Prince William,  by Adrian Gilbert.  


  1. Sad to see bookstores close. Especially the Christian bookstores.

  2. Books have been my best friends since I first learned to read. I understand the economics, but it hurts to see these small bookshops closures.

  3. Your newest book sounds great/interesting. We had a wonderful book store near us that closed its doors a few years ago. That was a sad day for me, since then a Barnes & Nobel has opened which I love. The closest Christian Book store is Mardel's and although it's the closest, it's still not real close. {{sigh}} Hope your day is going GREAT♥

  4. Not sure I've ever seen a book on napkin folding...that would be interesting! Not too sure I'd be any good at it...but still...that's an unusual book to have! Yes, I do love books, and I wish there were some "Used/old/vintage" bookstores around. I used to enjoy going to those with my mother, and that is where I got a lot of my very old books that I collected at the time. I enjoyed the adventure of doing that with her even more, and wish I could do that again...but when I re-read those old books I do think of her and remember those happy times. You asked me if I have read all of my old antique books, and YES, I have read most of them more than once...I usually wait about 5 years in between readings so that I will be surprised at the stories again. LOL. Probably now I could read them much closer together and still be surprised! LOL. Thank yo for this fun meme. I'm glad I "signed up". LOL.

  5. Books are wonderful. I have quite an extensive library too.

  6. I enjoyed your answers. So much is opened up to us through books. I couldn't imagine not enjoying to read.


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