Thursday, June 20, 2024

Summer Solstice Skies

They say there is a heat wave and I guess there is but I am not feeling it. 
Though it was nearly 90F (32.2 C) today it was not bad at all   It will be hotter tomorrow but I expect it will still be just fine.   I suspect this is a gift .  
 I found the last few days very lovely.  The same thing happened last year.  I rarely needed the AC at all. But I live close to the water and that lowers the temperature usually and beach weather is somewhat cooler and different than inland.     
  Happy Summer  

From the little neighborhood boardwalk on the bay side
Now the day is over night is drawing nigh.....shadows of the evening steal across the sky

Billowing clouds before the storm

                                                             This sky was luminous.  


  1. Beautiful skies. I'm glad you're not finding it too hot despite your heat wave. The weather started heating up again today and will be much hotter on Friday & Saturday so I made sure to get out to do errands on Thursday. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. It would make me very happy to see rain clouds right now. Wonderful photos. 💙

  3. Living near the ocean certainly does lower the temperatures when it's so hot. Your sky photos are wonderful!
    Blessings, Annie!

  4. Lovely pictures Annie, wishing you a Happy Summer too! Wish we had your cooler temps, I think we feel the heat more here because of the high humidity. I am very thankful for our a/c.

  5. Beautiful photos, and happy summer to you as well!

  6. The picture of the waves makes me want to be near the ocean. Thanks for sharing.


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