Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Wednesday Hodge Podge

Wonderful Wednesday.
We've been under a heat advisory but it hasn't seemed overly hot to me at all.  Tuesday, as I write this, it was 97 inland but here by the bay it was 86 and a cool breeze was blowing steadily all day.  It was just gorgeous.

From this Side of the Pond
1. Do you feel older or younger than your age? Elaborate. 
I feel younger than my age. Much younger and I look much younger as well.  
2. What's one thing you should toss right now, but just can't? 
I want to toss all unused things around the house down to the bare bones.   Why keep things that when I am gone will be tossed anyway.   
3. Have you visited many of the 63 National Parks in the US of A? You'll find a list here. Do you have a favorite? What National Park that you haven't seen do you most want to see? 
 Not been to any on the list .  Lots of state parks, mountains, etc. but none of the big commercial Missing 411 kind of parks.  Spent a lot of time in American Fork Canyon but I don't think that is a national park.
 4. How often do you get take out? What's your favorite? 
It's been years since I got takeout and I don't eat fast food at all ever.
5. Do you have many (or any) subscriptions? Not necessarily magazines, but thinking more along the lines of boxes or products that companies offer, and you can sign up to receive on a regular basis. Could
be weekly, monthly, quarterly, even daily. Tell us about them. 
Nope. None.     I used to subscribe to Victoria magazine but no more.
6. Insert your own random thought here:
Do you remember how funny Pat Paulsen was? You can still here his comedy on YouTube.


  1. Haven't thought about Pat Paulson in years. We don't do fast food either. We will occasionally get Chick-fil-A if we're traveling, but we don't make a point of going there when we're home. Hope you have a great day! Stay cool!

  2. I forgot all about Pat Paulson! lol We do fast food more than we should, but maybe not quite as often as we used to. We haven't eaten out much in recent months as hubby has been having some mobility issues. We have ordered in from some of the ones we used to visit more often.

  3. I have to dig deep to remember Pat Paulson. Hooray for feeling young and looking young! Happy week to you.

  4. I do think I look younger than my age, Annie, but that's for others to decide. Yes, I remember Pat Paulsen. He had a tremendously dry and clever wit, didn't he? I'll have to look him up on YouTube.

  5. It is wonderful to feel younger but it is awesome that you look younger!! Have a great week!

  6. I rarely and I mean rarely do fast foods. I forgot about Pat Paulson.

  7. Funny you should speak of tossing things now , that others won't think twice about trashing after we're gone . One of the tasks for this week was to go through all the photo albums from trips , keep the few pictures meaningful to me , and toss the rest . It was a plus that yesterday was trash pick up day , so those culled are truly gone !
    I absolutely feel much younger than my actual age ! My mother and her mother (my very dear Nana) each looked about twenty years younger than their true age...amazing !


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