March 16, 2011

Hello, Kitty

In my never ending quest for more and better Hello Kitty anomalies, I have found more to add to the list.
 I find it fascinating how Hello Kitty is so beloved, especially in the Orient.
Would you like  a lovely Hello Kitty toaster for your kitchen?
This would  make an old cliche wedding gift more timely and up to the minute not to mention child-like.
Look at the slice of bread. It even toasts the bread with the face of Hello Kitty right on it.
Who could resist starting the day off with a bit of Hello Kitty magic?
Frankly what little kid wouldn't like a slice of toast like this?


 Another must  for the bride is a stand out bouquet.
  For your Spring and Summer wedding this year , a Hello Kitty bouquet is an absolute must, but only if coupled with a lavish Hello Kitty designer wedding dress.

Fur trimmed no less and designed by Sanrio for the discriminating bride .
She will be purring all the way down the aisle.
Or clawing and scratching, we don't know.
Just be sure to provide litter box and scratching post and the rest will take care of itself.
If bridey-poo  can find  a veil attached to fluffy kitty ears I think that would complete the whole ensemble quite nicely.
Perhaps a pair of fluffy white slippers for her dainty paws?
Do you think there is Hello Kitty music for the wedding too? We can write some I am sure.

Even  the family Pup can attend the wedding in style in a complete Hello Kitty ensemble. Just look at the pink paw-shoes. No cold damp feet here.
The hat is a major fashion statement for the Doggy set.
Tres Chic!

Ride off for the honeymoon on this fully outfitted motorcycle.
Just hike up the skirt on your Hello Kitty gown and off you go for a week's stay at a Hello Kitty resort of your choice.

Or, if biking isn't your thing how about jetting away to the Resort inside this EVA Air Hello Kitty jetliner ?
It can take you right to Taiwan for the honeymoon.

Don't forget to pack this lovely Hello Kitty car length coat for those chilly days and nights in Hello Kitty Land.
You never know when you might need some fashionable extra warmth.

This keyboard might make a novel gift for the bride who has everything.

And then of course, while on honeymoon you have to pay attention to security. We live in perilous times don't we?

And so, here yet again is another version of the very powerful, yet absolutely adorable Hello Kitty taser.
You can stun the heck out of attackers while still looking cute and trendy!

Now for the resort itself..... Hold your breath as you are taken away to LaLa Land for the time of your life.

Yes a Hello Kitty resort in Taiwan where you can relax, pretend , eat gourmet foods and shop Hello Kitty 24/7.
A  glorious fun filled two night stay is only $1200.
Note the little umbrella covered bistro tables for outdoor dining in front of each cottage.

Relax in your own cottage filled with distinctive hello Kitty furniture.

And settle in at night with a lovely all pink, all Kitty bedroom.

Snooze peacefully in this pink palace!
Why there is even a television if your honeymoon is boring!
Now, that's service.
And yes, these are actual real life sized cottages for you to stay in while enjoying the resorts accommodations.

These little golf carts will get you around the resort in a comfortable jiffy.
They look cute. And look! They have an onboard basket to hold your purchases from the Hello Kitty mall.

Enjoy gourmet meals and desserts all with your favorite character there to delight your taste  buds and your senses.

When the stork makes his first delivery,  you can make sure that Junior makes his debut inside a 100% fully functional and outfitted Hello Kitty maternity ward.

Hello Kitty has come a long way since her first world debut.


  1. Hi Annie,
    Great post and funny since the hospital in Burbank that I work the weekends at has a while line of Hello Kitty, clothes, purses, jewelry, small TV's, radios and so much more. I think it is cute but never got into the craze as so many have. The toaster is cool how it makes that design on the toast for sure. I also kind of like the taser gun :) Wow a resort that is too funny! Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Dru

  2. What a fun post. Great Hello Kittie Finds!Hugs

  3. We had Hello Kitty stores in our mall when Jessica was young and she enjoyed all the trinkets. It really seems to be still going strong in the Orient! You did a good job of research. I think I said this before but you would've been a good Homework student when I was doing that for my blog buddies! (((Hugz)))

  4. I never understood the Hello Kitty thing. My daughter never got into either. I'm always out of the loop.

  5. Great post Annie!

    "Hello Kitty" isn't popular in my area at all and wasn't when my kids were growing up. I don't remember it at all being popular with my grandkids. My great grandsons are into Transformers and Spiderman. I got a kick out of the toaster and bike. LOL! I'm amazed at how many things you found!! Hugs

  6. where do i find that hello kitty toaster
    love your blog

    1. Try Here:


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