March 28, 2012

Another Hello Kitty Day

Well, still no heat and tonight it is 27° F... moving along...

I first came in contact with Hello Kitty when I was a high school student. The things were basically school supplies like pencils, pads, notebooks and tiny tote bags.  But later it became a worldwide sensation. Cuteness factor? I don't know. I never got into it really.

The Hello Kitty posts I have run often get hundreds of views from all over the world. Yes  , that is the key to blogging successfully.(heh..)

  I  posted about Hello Kitty because it was fun and the never ending list of gadgets and things that have the theme are amazing and gave me the giggles.  It is a happy subject to say the least.
From tasers to hospital suites , vacation resorts, Ferrari's and diamond rings,  all in the Hello Kitty theme, there is something for just about anything you can think of.

So in the never ending quest for all things Kitty....
Introducing the Hello Kitty Chain Saw!

Yes, just when you thought you'd seen it all along comes another enterprising individual with yet another Kitty application.

Every woman needs one for garden work and cutting firewood and forestry.

 Here are the Hello Kitty posts with photos of the 'stuff'.

What can I say.. it's just so much fun.


  1. Oh my gosh! I laughed so hard when I saw that chain saw! I simply must have one now!

  2. Hi Annie! lol, I have never seen a Hello Kitty chain saw. That is too funny! I have personally never understood the Hello Kitty craze and I guess I never will but I have a friend who is obsessed with Hello Kitty and she's 38. Her entire bathroom is decorated with Hello Kitty. lol Have a great Wednesday!

  3. Hi Annie! Ryan has a fondness for pink and currently wants a pink Power Ranger. That pink Hello Kitty Chain Saw would be right us his alley... or in his wheelhouse. Have you noticed "wheelhouse" is the latest over-used word? Have to figure out the origin of that. (((Hugz)))

  4. I love Hello Kitty too ...looked at the old ones and love the Hello Kitty Toaster. Such fun!

  5. LOL! A chain saw, just the things for kids huh! A "Hello Kitty" was never a popular item with my kids and grandkids. My kids preferred Peanuts, Pooh and Bert & Ernie. My great grandkids prefer Transformers and when they were younger Veggie Tales were the thing. So I never really discovered Kitty but did see her on Hallmark cards one time or another. Have a great Thursday my friend. Hugs

  6. Hi Annie,
    The hospital gift shop has a full supply of Hello Kitty stuff from suitcases to furniture for sale. I love kitties but never got into the Hello Kitty craze myself. I do love the chainsaw though :) Hope you have a wonderful Thursday. Hugs, Dru


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