August 31, 2012

Bright Ideas

I subscribe to Better Homes and Gardens by email.
They have the best decorating galleries.
I love bright colors.
They just pick me up and make me smile.
I always admire women who are not afraid to use them in their homes.
A bright corner in a room could provide  a touch of  needed whimsy to a dark area.
Whimsical touches are wonderful... like painting a trompe l'oeil mouse on a door header or at the base of a wall with a little dark hole for him to 'disappear' into.

How cute is this desk?
I had to share it. I love the bright yellow. It is so sunny.
I think the upside down grater for a pencil holder will be a huge regret one day though.
But the desk idea is wonderful.
What a space saver for small areas.
I think the revolving pencil caddy could be done in a different way for a teen or a kitchen too.
I could see ice cream cups used for a child.

They placed a marble top over these bright orange file cabinets.
Oh the possibilities for office or kitchen or kids rooms.
And any top would do.

And look at this instant dining are using Ikea one by fours. They are only $59.99 US.
I love this idea. Modern and fresh.

I am getting a lot of ideas from this.

Hope these inspire you like they do me.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. I like those Ikea wall shelves! Cool idea.

  2. I like those too. Decorating is not my forte but I love to look.

  3. Kia and Zeno01 September, 2012

    Those IKEA shelves are lovely, indeed. :)
    Have fun decorating!

  4. Such cute ideas. Thanks for sharing

  5. Hi Annie,
    Those are great ideas. I love the desk the best. I wish I had an area that I could do that. Hope you have a wonderful Holiday weekend. Hugs, Dru


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