June 16, 2017

My Slice of the Jersey Coast

Friday has arrived without any fanfare at all!
My daughter just returned from giving a speech in Georgia and is leaving later today for  her London office.
Prays for safe trip and return? Thanks in advance my friends.

Our weather was hot and humid until Wednesday when it got chilly at night again and cool in the daytime.  I will not complain. I love cool weather.  It is 75 F today and  sunny.

I am joining in for Debbie's Friday Foto Friends with another offering of photos of my two ponds and the New Jersey coast where I live.  I hope you enjoy seeing them.
These photos are taken with my Android phone.

close up of the marsh.. grainy Android photo

Salt marsh and open bay in the distance.

Salt marsh 
long distance phone photo of Barnegat Light on Long Beach Island (LBI)
It is something like 180 ft tall.  Would be nice to own a big telephoto lens for my real camera but phone did get the picture, blurry as it is.

The little frog pond

Mr Frog hiding on his little island in his pond. Yes, he owns this pond.
Mr. Frog grows miniature roses along the banks of his pond.He has quite the green thumb!

Trees reflected in the frog pond and the last of the Siberian Iris (Cuckoos Tears) which grows in the little frog pond.

Looking down the lagoons. There are houses on either side. This is directly across from the marsh and the lagoons enable you to take your boat out into the bay.

The big pond outback.

Moon path on the open bay at night. Photo is taken from my instagram and didn't translate over well.. poor quality to say the least.
I post on weekends now but I wish everyone a lovely, quiet, refreshing end to the week.
And remember:

Tomorrow I will re run a post of the gown I wore to the Oscars!


  1. Enjoyed all your fotos..I sure didn't know New Jersey had any marshlands. I learned something new today!!

    1. The New Jersey coastline is identical to that of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and the Carolinas minus the palmettos :)

  2. You went to the Oscars? Wow! I do want to see that! I love your photos, even the blurry ones. They all give a feel for the beauty of the land around you...and your frog in the pond is marvelous!! Praying for your daughter as she travels. She must have some kind of interesting job! Love the Anne of Green Gables quote at the end. She's one of my favorites...my middle name is Anne with an E, deliberately named after Anne of G.G. by my mother. My hair was red too. Have a blessed and happy weekend, Annie!

    1. I didn't go but I Photoshopped myself into an Oscar gown in a post I wrote on the Oscars a few years ago. It was a lot of fun to do.
      Thanks for prayers! Much appreciated. Her job takes all over!
      I like Anne to and Prince Edward Island is a favorite place to visit for me. I adore it there.
      Its nice that I now know more about you as well. :)

  3. Beautiful vistas, the marshland pictures are calming. What a lovely home Mr.Frog has, he must be quite the gardener, and I bet he has a green thumb😁
    Safe journey and prayer for your daughter, off to my homeland, I'm

  4. Your always amazing shots take me to such a wonderful world, darling Annie, thank you for sharing such Beauty !

    Sending blessings of joy to you and yours,
    I'm wishing you a most lovely end of your week,
    looking forward to your next post :) !

    XOXO Dany

  5. I just love the photos you posted...keeping your daughter in prayer. Have a lovely weekend, friend. (hot, hot, hot here in western NY)

  6. I enjoy every post I see of your area. So very pretty. I will be keeping your daughter in prayer. How peaceful it must be to live in your area! Have a great weekend.

  7. Thank you for sharing this quiet beauty
    and photo of the petite emperor who rules the pond.
    Have a marvelous weekend and beyond .
    You and yours are wrapped in prayers...

  8. I'm so late in visiting and I'm sorry....life is really busy these days. I <3 all the fotos you've shared. What a lovely area of our country you live in. Prayers for safe travels for your precious daughter. HOPE you have a lovely SONday.

  9. What a lovely and serene place to take a walk. Love the frog, that's a great shot!


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