Friday, December 15, 2017


I noticed in a comment that Linda says she is 3 hours west of Toni. I got curious and found
I am 3 hours south of Toni  via the Garden State Parkway and then I-87 N and 5 hours east of Linda via I-86.
Its interesting to know where we are all situated! 

 Winter weather can be so beautiful.
To some it is stark and plain but to me it is special.
The winter photos are not black and white, I took them in color but because the snow has covered everything they seem to be black and white.
In winter the wood of the trees stands out and shows how pretty it is.
The various evergreen trees and shrubs takes a more prominent place in the winter world.
On icy days they sparkle and glitter with crystalline ice.

One of many Holly Trees on the property flocked compliments of nature.

There is a special silence to winter you don't find in any other season.
It is a time for meditation and pondering things in your heart.

In the yard Pine boughs are heavy with snow. 

Snowy day. See the boat? There are more boats than cars around here.


Skies seem bluer on sunny winter days.
Winter is jewel-like with vibrant crystal-like white, deep browns , vivid reds and greens but summer is pastel with soft blues,pinks, yellows and greens. 

Summer 2017: Here is a panorama of the cove by my house. You will have to click it to see it full size.

Some days are interrupted by a gathering thunder storm. The storm's approach is beautiful as the sky darkens and lowers to meet the sea.
The phragmites, over 10 feet tall, reaches out to heaven.

Phragmites against  the gathering storm.. Summer 2017

More pastels of blue and pink and muted grays surround those who love the great outdoors.
This is taken the summer before Hurricane Sandy. The pier was destroyed

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  1. Annie, I enjoyed all these pictures! They are beautiful. There was a time that I enjoyed winter. Looked forward to it as a time of rest on the farm. Now my bones ache and I am COLD all the time. I still have to drive in it to get to work. I hope someday I will enjoy winter again. ;)

  2. Your photos are absolutely stunning.

  3. Pretty pictures today! I look to see where people live too, it's interesting to see how close or far they are to me. We are many hours apart!!

  4. Beautiful... Hey, I love knowing where my friends live... Toni lives near where we use to live many moons ago. I just love your new header.

  5. Beautiful winter photo's, Annie.

  6. I,too,enjoy the look and sound of long as I'm INSIDE !
    The Summer Girl gets too cold to be a Snow Bunny...embarassing to
    avid skier parents and robust sister.Leave me to my warm kitchen,
    interesting recipes,hot tea and a cuddley cat.
    Have a wonderful day,my dear friend !

  7. Lindas imagens de uma natureza fria e gélida. Bom fim de semana. Cumprimentos.

  8. Your winter photos are so beautiful! But I also love pics without snow!!!!

  9. I am loving your winter photos...I used to just sit and watch the snow sparkle in the sunlight when we lived in the north. The views were always changing and full of surprises! I loved walking in the snow and feeling the fresh, frigid air against my cheeks. We don't get much real wintry weather here in Florida. When it gets down to 30 degrees we think we are going to die! LOL. I miss winter in some ways, but not when I have to go out and drive. Very thankful for no ice on the roads. Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

  10. Lovely photos - I enjoy the beauty of winter in photography but I'm not a fan of cold and snow.

  11. Beautiful pictures Annie! I agree that there are things in each season that we can enjoy. I'm sorry that pier got washed out by the hurricane Sandy. Will it ever be rebuilt? How fun to know that you really aren't that far away from Toni or Linda! Blogging brings people together in an amazing way! I hope you are doing well dear friend :)

  12. As much as I'm not a fan of Winter Annie, I love Winter pictures and scenes. Yours are breathtaking. But for me the Summer scenes of your area are serene and wonderful especially the panorama cove scene. Love it! Imagine only 3 hours away separate us. When I was driving I think I would have taken the trip to visit you. Have a blessed evening dear friend.

  13. What awesome winter scenery! I love to see snow on the trees even though I do hate to be cold :) Great shots.


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