June 25, 2019

The Net Sum & a Chapter in My life Called Mary

Howdy boys and girls!

Storms this morning, then partly sunny. When I stepped out to feed the fish the Wisteria dripped on my head from rain earlier in the morning.
There is an interesting article about Noaa and Nasa tampering with the weather that you might like to take a look at.  You will find it at The Deplorable Climate Science Blog and it is titled, Tampering Past the Tipping Point.  

It is Tuesday and you all know what that means, right? Yes,  it is time for Toni's Tuesday 4 Meme.  If this interests you, click the logo to go visit Toni.
So let's jump right in.

The "NET" Sum

1.   What Is Your Favorite Computer Cruising Time?
Anytime of day that I can

2.   What Is Your Favorite Time To Write Your Blog Entry?
 I almost always do it at the last moment.   I spent most time researching and reading online so, I forget to do my posts.

3.   What Is/Are Your Favorite Internet Service Provider/s?  I have Comcast because that is all that is available in the area. Internet providers have a monopoly as do news services, etc lately.
But if you mean what browser I use, then I use Firefox.

4.   What Is/Are Your Favorite Email Service/s?
I think they all are pretty bad.  They are inconvenient, ugly and iffy.  I rarely and I do mean rarely get email from anyone, so I rarely even check email and I never write to anyone as I always feel I have nothing to say anyone would want to hear anyway.
When I do use email it is usually Yahoo though I have Gmail and hotmail etc.

Here is a nice song I found..


  1. I was laughing so hard reading that report over at The Deplorable Climate Science Blog. I am not a believer in Climate Change--or least what they are preaching to us...sorry, folks, not willing to go back to living in the dark ages to save the planet, LOLOL. (gosh, I am just killing myself over my dry humor, LOLOLOL)

    We have Empire Cable. Spectrum had a monopoly here and the city finally stepped in and broke it up (Spectrum wants over $250 a month to have tv and cable--no way--Empire only costs $124 and that's fiber optic). My browser is Windows 10/ Edge.

    It stormed here early this morning and the stickiness is back, I suppose summer is upon us, sigh.

  2. Boy did you bring back memories with Buddy Clark and Dr. Gillespie. Loved the movie. I'll check that site out later. Enjoyed your answers too. Have a day of blessings my friend. 🙂

    1. He is before my time and I discovered him by accident and love his singing. I especially love this song. Its so sweet.

  3. I loved listening to that song, after all, my name is Mary. We've had a few rainy mornings here too, the good thing is it kept the temps down.

  4. Oh hotmail! I had one of those accounts too along with yahoo and gmail. I had forgotten. Yep, I never get email from anyone anymore. Loved your answers! Have a great Tuesday!


  5. Oh... I have a hotmail account as well... this is my one I give out, so its mostly full of spam.

  6. I can't believe I would have answered these questions almost exactly the same. I didn't read the article you linked but if I'm guessing it's about cloud seeding and other such like. When I first heard about this years ago I was very shocked. These days I'm not shocked by much and pray for safety for myself and so many others around the globe. I like your new profile pic too btw. You are gorgeous. Inside and out. Have an awesome weekend. xx


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