Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Essential Blogger

I forgot my blog's anniversary on August 31.   The blog is now 17 years old. Happy anniversary Cottage by the Sea.
This is a repeat post from a long while ago.


Bloggers come and go. Some delete their old blogs, sadly, since people do go back to re-read or at least I do! But when bloggers stop blogging there is a void, a hole in the world.

Love.. Give.. Serve

 Some leave because they think they have nothing to say. I even will leave off posting for want of things to say rather than just post a picture, photo... poem, something and that's a shame. It's a shame because I have always realized that whatever you say, or do not say in the case of just a picture, you are reaching someone and saying exactly what they need to hear that day.

Sharing yourself on Blogger or whatever you use, is a way of serving, helping, giving... loving others and your words or pictures are precious thoughts that are needed in a world that is increasingly being torn apart socially. Social distancing has been in the works for years with buying online, anti-social behavior of others being off putting, etc.   But when you say, "Today I sat outside just enjoying nature" or "Today I am doing nothing at all!"  You give permission to others to just enjoy a day without guilt.    If you share your music, your singing, your thoughts,  or your photos, you are serving.
 I wrote a list for this or that.. I prayed.. I did a study.. I drew pictures. I baked a cake..... You can open up a new world for someone else. Here is a photo from long ago.. Here is what we ate, this is where we went. Yes, you open up worlds.

Every single blogger I know gives something important. When they are gone, we lose a lot. I still think of Bloggers gone for a long, long time now. They impacted my life!

Blogging gives you a chance to share with others all over the world. You give a view of your little corner of the world to a huge and diverse audience and I find that at least one person publishes something every single day that is needed, helpful or downright life saving and uplifting.

So when you think you have nothing to say.. just log in and say.. Hi Everyone.. Have a good day or just post a picture that is pretty or inspirational or even sad. It doesn't matter because you will reach someone and be speaking/ministering directly to them and their needs.. You never know.  Ybut you are on this planet for a reason.. you specifically. Your gifts, talents, words, attitudes, situation in life can be invaluable to others.   Sometimes, just letting people hear of your mundane daily life is encouraging to someone. It can be life saving.  I know I am going to try much harder to give, serve and share with you all.

Keep blogging my friends.. you are necessary in this world.


  1. Beautiful post. I think of many who I considered "virtual" friends who just up and quit without a word and left a void.

  2. Congrats on 17 years! Time flies.

  3. Happy blogiversary! I've been blogging since 2001 but not on the same blog or platform. I think I have ADD. Anyway, I will get restless or dissatisfied with a blog and just up and start a new one. I've met so many people through the years and learned so much and been blessed even more. Some just faded away from blogging and some left this world. It amazes me still what a tight knit community bloggers are and how often we find the friend of an old friend to reminisce with. Loved this post. It's so true.

  4. Congratulations on blogging for so many years! Wow!! I guess I am only at about 12 years now, and I agree, when one of our blogging friends "disappears" w/o giving us any reason, we miss them and wonder what happened. I pray for them as well. I love this post and you are so right. Even just a "Hello...I'm still here" kind of post is good to let us know our friends haven't totally "gone away". Thank you for making our blogging world so pleasant with your lovely posts and pictures and ideas and thoughts. I always learn something valuable here!


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