Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Hooray for Hollywood!

Monday , November 27, 2023

Hooray for Hollywood!

 Hello and welcome to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4.

Hollywood magic is well named. In Druidism the holly and it's wood were used in magic. Magic wands were often made of holly wood.   Lightning will not strike holly so it is often planted next to homes to protect it. The word holly comes from the word holy and the holly tree was sacred in times past.  Today Hollywood still churns out 'magic' and 'spellbinding' displays as well as 'stars in the firmament' who entertain, mesmerize and influence us. 

Let's talk about it....

1.  Do you have a few favorite holiday movies you enjoy watching year after year? Do you make some popcorn to eat while you watch movies at home?

Our family tradition includes watching our special movies: 

George C Scott in A Christmas Carol.

The Bishop's Wife with Cary Grant and Loretta Young

Meet Me in St. Louis is next on our list.

  I also like to watch Mr. Krueger's Christmas starring Jimmy Stewart in a very moving Christmas story.  I cry every time I see it.   You can find it HERE.  Jimmy Stewart is wonderful.  I think this was one of his final roles.

Hallmark movies are a must for us during holidays

Popcorn, pizza, nachos, snacks are always on the agenda for movie nights.

2.  Have you had a celebrity crush? Can we ask who it was?   No, I never was very impressed with Hollywood.  I think as a kid I thought a few Hollywood men were good looking but no crushes.

3.  Do you have  favorite actors/actresses whose movies you don't want to miss and what movie would you say is your all time favorite from those stars?

I like to see movies by Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.  I think I've probably seen a lot of them.  I enjoy movies with Robert Duvall like the Lonesome Dove series.  I really like westerns a lot.

4. Have you met any famous Hollywood people in person or would you like to?     Why or why not?   I met William Shatner after a play he was in at the Papermill Playhouse in New Jersey.  I saw a lot of actors there but didn't meet them.

Enjoy Doris Day singing Hooray for Hollywood.  It's pretty darn good.




  1. Annie, these were fun questions and I enjoyed reading your answers.

  2. "No, I never was very impressed with Hollywood."

    Wise woman.

    What was William Shatner like?

    1. William Shatner was very outgoing, friendly, kind and polite and very handsome!

  3. That is cool that you got to meet William Shanter. I was a big fan of the early Star Trek movies. Thanks for the movie link with Jimmy Stuart!

  4. I loved Doris Day and enjoyed her TV show back in the day..."See the USA in your Chevrolet!" That's about all I remember of it. LOL. Fun questions. I just didn't have many good answers today. I'm just not into movies anymore cause no one will watch them with me, and I don't like to watch them alone in a different room. So I just read in the same room. LOL.

    1. Well, see the USA in your Chevrolet was Dinah Shore.. lol.

    2. Oh you are right!! Not sure why I mixed them up in my head, but that's what happens when you get old like me, so watch out! LOL. I loved both of them, Doris Day and Dinah Shore! Did Doris Day have a tv show? Seems like I saw her on TV a lot growing up. Oh well, they were both lovely and they both sang. I was young then...LOL.

    3. Yes, Doris had a program for a little while from 68 to 73. I like them both too.

  5. I loved Doris Day, Bette Davis & Joan Crawford, all legends.

  6. Hi ! Hoping all is well with you and yours !
    We had a funny little day...gale-force winds , high of 38 degrees , dark grey clouds that sprinkled bits of snow , interspersed with sunshine !
    Another wonderful header and interesting questions and answers ...thank you for continuing this for Toni !

  7. I haven't seen any of those movies. Definitely hallmark movies..lol. with all their cheesiness.


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