Saturday, November 25, 2023

Survey says...

Happy Sunday.  I had a lovely birthday Sat. evening. with a house full of family and company.

Sunday Stealing :
1. How long was your last phone conversation?
Maybe 15 minutes? I am just not really sure.

2. Have you ever dyed your hair?

3. What do you have on your feet?
Minnetonka moccasins in Navy Blue

4. Do people ever mispronounce your name?
Sometimes yes.

5. Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?
It was a gift.  It is a Led Zeppelin Tee shirt.

6. Does any part of your body hurt right now?
Always my lumbar spine and my backside due to the pressure on my sciatic nerves.

7. Do you drink hard liquor?
No.  I have but never more than a mouthful and it was extremely rare for me to have any,.

8. Have you ever read a book in one sitting?

9. Do you like cats?  Why or why not?
Yes.  I had a few of them and loved them. They make very good friends.
10. Do you like the ocean?
I better since I live so close to it.

11. Ever think you might have seen a UFO?
No. Neither has anyone else.   Those things are not aliens.

12. Do you type fast?   I have slowed down but, I can do about 80 wpm on a good day.

13. How long are you usually in the shower for?
About 5 to 8 minutes.

14. Chinese food or Mexican food?
 Depends on the mood.  I like both, but maybe Mexican food wins over Chinese.

15. Do you read and believe your horoscope?
I have read it from time to time. No, I don't believe it.  It is junk.


  1. I love Led Zepplin. Robert Plant and Alison Kraus--listen to their music, they make a beautiful team. smiles. I hope your birthday was a nice one, smiles.

  2. How far away do you live from the ocean? We have about a 4 /12 hour drive to the Gulf of Mexico and I wish I could go more often.
    I agree that cats make pretty good friends!!

    1. I live on the bay side . I am very close to the ocean.

  3. I would love to live by the ocean. I live in the middle of the U.S., so it takes a day to get to the ocean.
    Hope your birthday was great! Loved your answers! Have a nice day.♥

  4. Ahh , another beautiful header ! I do so enjoy your paintings !!
    So glad you had a good birthday...well deserved !
    It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood - 44 degrees , sunny and windy , adorable cat on my lap , nice hot cup of tea...ahhh...

  5. Good to hear you had family and friends with you to celebrate your birthday. Aliens, if they are real why do they just buzz in and buzz out, why not stay a while. Just asking? lol


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