Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Light Hearted December

 Welcome, welcome to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4 where we sometimes like to be very silly. December is a fun month filled with expectation and hope.  We should be light hearted and thankful as the month progresses. What do you think?

Let's be light hearted today and ask some not so serious questions shall we?

1. What is the dumbest  rule you've ever had to follow?

When I worked at Bell, they had a rule to mark time management.  Every so often a chime would sound  through out the day to let you know you had to record where you were at the time.   I thought it was awful so I always marked myself as being at the water cooler.  

2. What is the weirdest or funniest thing a guest ever did/said in your home?  

 Not a guest but me. Long ago a friend was teasing me at dinner mercilessly. There had been an accident on two  different days with hot chocolate spilled on my dresses by my little daughter.  After a bit the teasing got a bit nasty.  I asked her to stop.. it was enough. She said, what are you going to do push food in my face and laughed uproariously.  He husband was kind of sick of her pushing. I loaded my fork with some mashed potatoes and held it in a sort of slingshot fashion. She dared me and I let it fly. Splat right in the face.  Everyone laughed including my friend.  

Years later on Thanksgiving the Famous Anonymous Kid teased me about that incident and said I would never do it again no matter what and stuck her tongue out at me and other daring things. So a fork full of mashed sweet potatoes went winging her way.  I have photos of it and everyone laughed. No one was hurt at all and it was all thought it was funny.   One day I will write about the cold soup over the head incident.

My guests are all innocent and pure as the driven snow and I am the weirdo culprit.

3. If you had a warning label what would it say?


4. What is the first thing you must do in  case of a Snoopy/Charlie Brown Apocalypse?  Who is the first person you call for advice when that happens?

The first person to call for advice would be Lucy of course. Advice is only 5¢ !

The first thing to do is assemble your  assorted snacks for the show!  


  1. That was funny!

    Your topper is wonderful!!

    Have a nice day!

  2. Splat! that was funny! Love Lucy, I used her on my blog too!

  3. Hi Annie! That's soooo funny! I would have loved to be there... I've been know to do some pretty crazy things myself ;0) One Christmas I got tired of my husband telling me how to cook. I whipping cream, and it ended up over his head!! We still laugh over it!! Fun post!

  4. Oh my! Somehow I don't see you doing that, but then again, I've never had the opportunity to meet you in person, so my impressions are based purely on what you have allowed us to "see". Now I am seeing a "bigger picture"...the real you is emerging. Makes me feel better about the time I threw spinach at a girl in school at the lunch table because she said something mean about a boy I liked. She was wearing a white "Ben Casey" shirt (remember those?), and of course cooked spinach stains. I got in big trouble, got a "U" in Conduct on my report card, and had to wash her shirt. I don't think I've thrown any food at anyone since then, but my mother once threw a plate full of spaghetti at me because I was being sassy to her. That was quite a scene. I think it was time for her to have her monthly hormone shot. LOL. I loved my mother very much, and she loved me...I just stepped over the line with my mouth...Those were the days. Thanks for the interesting meme today. I am sorry I didn't get it done. I had a lot going on and really couldn't come up with the answers fast enough. Please forgive...and no potatoes in my face, please? LOL.

  5. You , my dear , are NOT the "weirdo culprit " and your guests were far from being " innocent and pure as the driven snow " ! It pays to stand up for yourself...especially when no one else will !!! They will only observe the boundaries you set ! ...so says your friend...
    By the way , the sparkles on the header tree are wonderful !!!

  6. Oh my goodness, that story about the potatoes in the face is hilarious. That is also an odd rule to have.


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