Sunday, June 16, 2024

Important Stuff... maybe.

Here is another Sunday Stealing...

1.  What is most important to you.    A number of things really. Like family, friends, integrity, love.. very important stuff I think.

2.  Your best trait.     
       I have no clue. You have to decide that.
3.  A movie that makes you happy.
   Moonstruck, Karate Kid series.
4.  Something that excites you.
     A beautiful day.
5.  Something that worries you.
     When friends are not really friendly. Also, people who have such strict opinions on things they have not looked into thoroughly.
6.  Actions your admire.
     Being considerate, being patient, controlling the self,
7.  What year has been your best so far.
      The year I was 16 was a great year for me.  I was very happy.
8.  Who do you trust?
      God . That's it.
9.  A Song from Your Childhood.
     Big Rock Candy Mountain  by Burl Ives
Big Rock Candy Mountain, Utah

10.  What you wore today.
       Tee-shirt, jeans.
11.  A book you are currently reading
        A true history of King Arthur and the kingdom of   Wales.
12.  What do you want less of?
       Immorality, profanity.
13.  A question that needs to be asked.
         How stupid do you want to be?
14.  The best idea you’ve had this week.?
        Solar lights in the garden.
15.  How creative are you ?
       That's for others to determine when they see the things I have created.


  1. Speaking of profanity (your answer to #12), I was in a bakery on Saturday morning. There was a man - probably in his mid to late thirties - who walked through the bakery (people were seated all around eating breakfast and some were shopping). As he was approaching the door, he used every word imaginable. It was so startling that I turned to see what in the world was going on. I think he was talking on his phone. I can't say I never use profanity. I do use some of the "milder" words :-). This guy's use of profanity was over the top especially in a public setting. I'm not even a prude about this kind of stuff so I'm not sure why it bothered me so much.

    1. I think it bothers us because it is aggressive, rude and a violation of people's peace. It is an utter lack of concern for others . Profanity shows low intelligence actually but it also, in public, shows unconcern for others.

  2. Don't even get me going on the profanity usage. It is so sad, really. Even senior citizens are using it. Sigh...wishing you a beautiful day my friend.

    1. Its rude, low class and shows a level of narcissism and self involvement that is way over the top.

  3. Moonstruck is one of my fav's too even though I would have chosen real Italians to star in it. Talia Shire would have been my choice instead of Cher. Just sayin' ...
    #12 ~ Absolutely! I am so tired of profanity, cruelty, rudeness, tattoo's, immorality, etc. It's all demonic in nature. 💙

    1. Loved Moonstruck.. very very authentic for the NY Cosmopolitan area where I grew up.

  4. Big Rock Candy Mountain! I haven't thought of that song in years. Great choice.

  5. I'd answer #1 with God, family and friends. And, it's too bad that we can't fix stupid, isn't it? I so wish people in this country could get a huge dose of common sense.
    Have a great week, Annie!

  6. I haven't thought of Big Rock Candy Mountain in years! I like that song too and I loved Burl Ives. Remembering has made me grin from ear to ear. lol Yep, #12, I don't think we'll see it happen this side of the Second Coming. Have a wonderful week.

    1. ps - I'm going to you tube to watch Burl Ives sing Big Rock Candy Mountain♥


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