Tuesday, June 11, 2024

My Kitchen.. Tuesday 4

I need renovations throughout my home and that includes the kitchen. So, I've been collecting pictures with ideas on painting my cabinets, replacing my 1957 kitchen window, my cracked tile floors and my rusty sink and damaged counter tops.   Could be talk about kitchens for a bit?

1.  Is this kitchen in the photo one that you would enjoy working in?  Did you have one of those step stools in your kitchen growing up?
Yes, I like this kind of kitchen very much and I would love being in it.  My mother had that step stool  and I think it was blue
My current kitchen is pale yellow walls, natural cherry hardwood cabinets.  The counter top behind the sink caved in and the sink is rusting through on the edges and bottom.  The tile floors are badly cracked and dangerous for me in walking since I am disabled. My oven has not worked in a decade. My window is milky not clear, does not open and is from the 1950s. Needs replacing too. A picture of my kitchen is in the article below. See how some decent photography can cover over a multitude of sins?   And, even if the damage is pretty significant, you can hide it a bit by keeping things neat and clean.  I cover over the deeply rusted sides of the sink with shelf liner etc.    I put rugs on the floor to cover over missing and badly broken tile.

2. What appliances are absolute necessities in your kitchen and what can you do without.
My oven is broken and has been for years so I have a huge convection/toaster oven that substitutes for it.  I got it at Target for $99. and it has done a good job.
A kettle and coffee pot are needed as well as a large well laid out refrigerator.     Other than that I can make do.
3. What items are always in your pantry?  This is what is in there now and regularly. I cook everything from scratch.
  • Pasta... always imported from Italy as it has no GMOs and real flour without the 10X more gluten that American flour has.
  • Rice both white (contrary to belief brown rice is not good for you) and Wild Rice but only the kind owned by Native Americans.
  • several kinds of dried beans, lentils, barley etc.
  • canned tuna
  • canned salt free veggies
  • Campbell's no salt soups
  • No salt beef , chicken and bone broth
  • imported canned Italian crushed tomatoes and whole canned Italian tomatoes for making sauce.   (I buy only the Cento or Rienzi since they have 20 mg or less  of sodium while American brands have hundreds more!)
  • Rienzi imported cooked red kidney beans (again.. no added salt like American canned beans)
  • Rienzi black beans and cannelloni
  • ketchup, mustard (Kosciusko, Guldens, and plain yellow), salt, pepper, Coleman's English dry mustard and tons of spices  
  • Almond butter, peanut butter
  • no salt Saltine crackers
  • flour, yeast, sugar, for  making breads, pizza, pastry  etc., baking powder (aluminum free), baking soda
  • Ceylon cinnamon... big bag of it
  • cake mix and ready made pie filling in apple, peach. Boxed pudding for chocolate cream pies for the kids.
  • Confectioners sugar (powdered sugar)
  • Matza meal, potato starch
  • When its nice, clean and organized
    Italian bread crumbs
  • Olive oil
  • Malt vinegar, dark Balsamic, white balsamic, white vinegar and vinegar with the 'mother'.
  • kosher salt for cleaning my cast iron, Crisco for seasoning it.
4. How about your counter tops... filled with things or empty?    
Right now filled to the brim which I just hate.   If my back and legs would settle down I  would organize things better.


  1. Good Morning Annie! I got here earlier than expected! LOL. I do hope you will be able to renovate your kitchen soon. I know it is a big and expensive undertaking, but it sounds like you really need to have some things done for your own safety, especially the floors. Praying God will provide a way for you to get it done! Your kitchen pictures that I have seen always look bright and cheery, however. I love the big orange pot on your stove...it's always so happy looking (from your other post). Thank you for doing these questions for us each week. It's always good to connect with our friends! Have a blessed day my friend.

    1. The kids and I will do it all ourselves though I am not much help anymore. S costs will mainly be for the materials. The house is old but little by little things are getting done. The new roof is great, no more damaged ceilings though I have to replace the parts that are inside.

  2. Hopefully reno's can begin soon for the kitchen. That's such an important part of a house. Bet your kitchen looks nice, though, it's just old. I guess ours is "old" now too since we had the house built in 1993. Where did the time go? After reading what's in your pantry now I'm hungry. Hope your day is blessed! 💙

  3. Would be nice. It's not just old but badly damaged.

  4. It's hard when life throws us a kink in our get-along. Many things we could do now we can't...as in organizing, reaching the top shelf and keeping the floors clean. {{sigh}} But life goes on and we just have to focus on what we can do, such as BLOG!! I've learned to close my eyes when necessary and keep on truckin'. lol Hope your day is happy and blessed. Sending a ((hug)) across the miles.♥

  5. Since Danny is the main cook around these parts, I let him restock the items he knows he needs, usually at a great price. I love our kitchen, but we have had so much remodeled including a new stove and granite countertops. It's so difficult to rehab a kitchen that needs work, but I do hope you and your family can give you that dream renovation in time. Stay the course and stay steady on your feet, Annie!

  6. Your ideas and shares are always so lovable and likable. I sure enjoy being here and need to be better t coming over. Life is a big ball of runaway yarn sometimes. I sure love my blog people. Thank you P.S> Kitchen is precious.

  7. Good times come this way.. I always love your shares and enjoy knowing you here. Have a beautiful week.

  8. My grandmother had a stool just like the one in the picture. Hers was red. It was a perfect size for us kids. We could sit over our food instead of eye level. I'd like to have one today for my kitchen but they are hard to find. We put down vinyl planking in our kitchen. It is great for cleaning & since our home is old, like 100, it worked quite well for floors that are less than perfect!

  9. Like you my kitchen has a myriad of problems but I live with it for now. Hopefully I can do some renovations later but at the moment the patio and master bedroom are the priorities. You have a very complete lists of items in your pantry. I too have a great many things. Personally, I keep saying I'm going to buy less but then I try to shop during sales and then it gets to be too much. I'm going to try paring it down a bit because I'd like less clutter (I've got no built in pantry). I always enjoy reading your posts and I hope you are doing well.

  10. The kitchen remodeling can be expensive. We did ours years ago and it is
    still in good shape.
    Have a good week.

  11. I like your answers Annie. Kitchens are one of the most expensive to remodel. I should try getting imported pasta....I really want to try making my own using my sourdough starter


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