Thursday, February 22, 2024

Skies of Silver and Blue

  Another week is drawing to a close and it has been icy cold with silvery skies and the odd blue sky day thrown in for good measure.
To add to the interest of this week we had a few huge solar flares that may well be the cause of cell phone outages across the nation.    Certainly if you've not felt well you can blame those flares as well.
Thursday was a "5" for bodily pain and Friday will be a "10".  Not pleasant at all.
Here in New Jersey citizens are rebelling against the windfarms at sea that are devastating the whales, other fish and thousands upon thousands of birds.   Not to mention they explode and cause environmental damage!   We want them gone but we have a terrible governor who cares nothing for the state at all.    
Let's look at some pretty nature photos instead of thinking about that for a bit....It's too sad really.


Beyond the blue horizon lies the setting sun.. "1930 song performed by Jeanette MacDonald


  1. Beautiful! Good winter is still surviving. Here in Bengaluru its already summer. Seems spring is skipped

  2. Beautiful photos. Yes, rebel against the wind farms!! They are devasting sea life and are an eye sore and are not reliable. I feel quite adamant about this that they are an evil invention. It's all about greed ... Prayers for y'all to win this battle of no windfarms. It'll ruin the landscape and view.
    Feel better soon.
    Blessings. xx
    PS: Your "new" bathroom is GORGEOUS! I'm so happy for you! Makes my heart sing with joy that you have this nice new room.

  3. I understand that solar flares might be the cause of the widespread ATT outage yesterday. But I've also heard that it was a hacking job. I didn't have any issues but then i was home on Wifi so that might have been the difference.

    Your photos are beautiful as always. I always love the ones of the ocean. It is sad that technology is ruining the beauty. I hadn't heard of wind farms. I guess I need to read up on those. I'm not a fan for what it does to sea life and the danger they cause.

    Have a lovely weekend, Ann!

  4. Beautiful photos!! I did not experience any cell phone issues yesterday that I was aware of, but I heard about it. Strange things going on in this old world. Thankfully, "this world is not my home, I'm just passing treasures are laid up somewhere above the blue..."

  5. Beautiful skies. My favorite is the bare branches covered in frost.

  6. I'm not a fan of offshore wind farms.
    Beautiful skies that you have for us.


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