Saturday, February 4, 2023


Cold!   13° F right now and winds up to 40mph. Salt spray is freezing on contact , there is a gale and small craft warnings are flying.
It is Friday as I am writing this and Saturday will be the same with the gale lasing through the evening.   I would love to say I am snug inside but it is chilly in the house too!   I need to put some of that covering over my 50 year old sliding glass door and my air conditioner isn't covered this year.  I am not sure where the cover was put either!  So, I am leaking heat.  I better get on the ball here.

Here is this week's Saturday 9: Beautiful (2005)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it  here.
1) In this song, Moby sings about a self-involved couple who believes others are fascinated by their glamorous lives. Tell us about the most interesting couple you know.
 I met them in the bus stop near Temple Square in Salt Lake City on Christmas Eve.   My kids and I were on the way home from our annual  enjoying of  the Christmas lights  in Temple Square. After that we'd stop for hot chocolate at this little café and then catch the bus to our home in West Jordan.   This couple were   professors from U of Utah.   He was American, she was from Peru and they were interesting, friendly and lovely.   We met them downtown several times after that and always enjoyed great conversations with them.  Even the kids liked them.

2) This song was inspired by the proliferation of reality shows, where celebrities share their lives on camera. Does the idea of becoming rich and famous in exchange for letting a film crew into your home appeal to you?
No, not at all.   I like privacy too much for that.

3) "Beautiful" appears in the soundtrack of the movie The Devil Wears Prada, starring Meryl Streep. She was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance, which is no surprise because she has more Oscar nominations than any other actor or actress. Do you have a favorite Meryl Streep movie?
I don't think I have seen any Meryl Streep movies.  I've seen snippets of The Devil Wears Prada but that's all.

4) Moby has openly discussed how Christ has influenced his life and art. Do you consider yourself religious or spiritual? If yes, how do your beliefs impact your daily life?
Yes, I am religious and it guides my life on a daily basis.

5) His real name is Richard Melville Hall. His parents began calling him "Moby" almost immediately because they felt "Richard Melville Hall" sounded too big for a baby. When did you most recently hold a baby?
It would be The Little 14 years ago.

6) He began shaving his head when he was in his 30s. It was at the request of a girlfriend, who said she liked bald men. Would you change your appearance to please your lover?
I would not change my looks that drastically for anyone and I would think no one who loves you would ask.  

7) Moby's house was once owned by Marlon Brando and was later rented to The Beatles. What do you know about the previous residents of your home?
Only their name and that they moved one or two towns south of here back in the early 80s.
8) In 2005, when "Beautiful" was released, actress Ruth Warrick died. She began her career in radio, made her film debut in Citizen Kane, and she was best known as matriarch Phoebe Tyler on All My Children, a role she played for 35 years. What's the longest you stayed at the same job?
My longest job was being a mom and I did for the majority of my life.

9) Random question: Without looking, do you know how much money is in your checking account right now?
Yes, I know how much I have.
Love,  Annie


  1. The couple sounds interesting indeed.
    I think the same: a true lover loves you and doesn't need a changed outside.

  2. That couple sounds so neat. I enjoyed your answers. Stay safe and as warm as you can.

  3. #6...I actually dated a guy in college that was very into fashion, etc. He suggested I wear a different color of eye shadow. I was still wearing the crazy blue and the trend was brown at the time. I was actually thankful for that change. Those kinds of changes I am open to. Not anything where I have to cut my hair or do anything crazy. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.♥

  4. #6 Yup, if they love you they would ask you to change. For me that would be a red flag.
    #7 The couple who owned my cottage were from Schenectady NY and were in a long term care facility.

  5. Hi Annie~ Love your header picture! My granddaughter and her husband live in West Jordan. He is a seminary teacher there, so they just rented an apartment there. I also have a grandson who lives there. I have met so many very interesting people in my lifetime who have made a great influence on my life. I would never change for anyone...what you see is what you get. Yes, I am a very religious person. Have a great Saturday! Barb

  6. It’s bitterly cold here on Long Island, too. I am not a fan of this weather.

  7. Not a fan of this cold weather! Can't wait for spring.


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